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  1. It bugs out, exit the collection and open it again.
  2. you do not only DC if your net goes down, there are many factors as to why a single client or 1 client out of many can DC.
  3. you will have to put time and money in the game if you want to enjoy it. if you go free to play, it is going to be a nightmare for you.
  4. pretty sure they removed it cuz zones were getting overcrowded... on EU its a permanent free addition, once per account, I would assume they will bring it back along with the +7 weapon/+4 armor pack
  5. once people get gear they will move from Cruma, there is gear restriction now and less elemental resist in that area so it suits them well
  6. cuz people cant afford 10 accounts per pc now, there are no freebies, the only toons that are logged in right now are the ones that pay $$ or that are owned by people that farm enough to keep them going, 90% people that pay. Since the launcher can only store 5 accounts and the max is 10, it is a solution that helps!
  7. why do you play L2 in the first place? People play from nostalgia or w.e others have a goal or like a certain aspect of the game. whats your poison? you have reached lv80+ and the only available $$ gear right now is agathions/brooches. You wanted some1 to log on the EU server and compare prices? Do it yourself, you will see that a L1k is roughly 40-50 mil, meaning that later on, you will be able to buy 30 Aden talismans (1 per day for 1.5 to 2 L1k's) that is how you get Aden talismans. **you said Eva's talisman's but I already wrote about the aden one, might as well leave it there. sorr
  8. valakas does not transfer, its only once per account, effect applies on both servers, if you claim it on a level 1 toon on elcadia, you cant claim it on blakbird and vice versa
  9. pretty sure its 31 tables per skill, you can also check in Aden the book seller NPC
  10. L2 Aden is designed for solo play ( for the most part), now each mob you kill the sayhas grace goes down by a certain number. so you kill 100 mobs in an hour solo for 10k XP per in a party (of 5) you kill 500 mobs per hour, for 2k XP per, (XP is divided) the game detects mob deaths to reduce your grace. If you do that for adena, then keep doing it if you are doing it for XP, do not.
  11. on a lvl 40 toon? for real? does your brain even compute? getting in there is a waste of his time and it also messes with people who want to actually do something is only, gettting in there your lvl 40 toon is not helping anyone.
  12. every new launch, regardless of the game have some big giveaway, this ended, we need to move along. Also do you remember any giveaways/free stuff when L2 launched a new server? Teon/Franz etc? All this is some new stuff companies have adopted to draw more people, L2 was always hard... just the reality
  13. what the previous reply said. lets say that it is not attendance and it is a cloack event, what happens if you do not have any money to spend? will they bring back the event? hell no, you will have to wait for another 6 to 8 months at least for that event to come back.
  14. we can argue all we want, would I want this as permanent addition? yeah I would Is it a permanent addition? no can we do anything about it? no enjoy the game
  15. wait what? no brooch jewels/agathions?
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