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  1. Connex

    archer build

    what server are you and what lvl is your archer?
  2. Connex


    monthly codes were part of 2023 as per Rowan, no codes for this year... even if this year marks the 20th anniversary in the west... " lOgIk"
  3. this is one of the times that people farm free events, log in as many accounts as possible to sell event coins and make adena. there are "some" DC's but in the last 14 days of the events I had 2 DC's from home
  4. you might have done this, but ill ask anyway, have you uninstalled and reinstalled the game?
  5. if you are willing to play and spend on a monthly basis to catch up or rather to build up your toon to be somewhat self sufficient, you can do that, chronos is the most "populated" server on Live servers that is.. but L2 nowadays comes with a price, I have seen a lot of people make a comeback ( others quit too) but it all comes down to how much are you willing to spend.
  6. Connex

    Red Libra

    this would limit the sales of loot boxes.... additionally there is a way to change a stg 3 but you get back a box that contains a random stg 3 weapon
  7. that is why people quit l2... they jump to conclusions without having all the information needed, XP tables were readjusted, the amount you get is roughly the same, you were getting 50 bil and the level was 1 tril ( just an example), now you are getting 50mil but to get the level it is 1 bil... also max XP in aligator should be around 2.2bil/hr if you are keeping the spot clear ( solo). also do you feel the need to complain? SP in one thing we have in abundance, there has never been a complain about SP.... up until now I guess
  8. People do not just make videos on "dead" classes, let me be brutally honest, why go doombringer? switch to Titan, same exact gear, more dps, Revelation skills : Savage/ Disparition skill tree: basically you are dealing with the first 2 columns of the warriors AP tree patk 3, element 3 p skill crit rate 2/ weapon patk 3 p skill crit dmg 3/weapon patk 2 pskill power 4 / reuse 2 patk 1/element 2/pve dmg 1 damage 1 if you are 110
  9. you ruined a great sarcastic answer! I know, im on discord!
  10. everytime I have an issue, i spam at @Wissp, he immediatelly fixes the issue, i found this by mistake but it works!
  11. prestige should only affect your adena income, every other item provided can be obtained through the game. the fact that you die means you do not have enough gear to begin with. If prestige makes or breaks your character, you should check your gear. Additionally, prices will eventually drop so what you get will be enough for upgrades BUT they messed up there is no "easy" way to transition from having prestige to not having prestige ( I know people could argue that it would be a good idea to "slowly" reduce the adena bonus). Anyway, L2 has always been a game where you need patience to progress.
  12. Connex

    Dk questions

    you will not make that much difference ( late response I know) Especially with your gear. No offense to the gear that you have, I had a good friend of mine switch from evis to DK and he cannot recover from the change, although he has a bit more gear than you. DK is OP...with the right gear you will be able to farm 3x the amount the dagger does BUT it takes planning and proper upgrades. I would tell you to switch next libra to level faster... its an investment you might wanna do but again, you need to plan stuff, for example Shirt -> 12% or more p skill crit dmg Accesories augments -> p skill crit dmg and rate if you do not have stage 1 weapon artifacts: Red Patk/P skill power/ p skill crit dmg blue pdef/crit dmg received/ element resist balance p skill power/ skill crit rate that is a good start but the advantage you have right now is that you are single target and you are able to do a lot of dmg. If you are a DK and start AOEing, then you will have survuvability problems, especially if you do not not 1shot mobs.
  13. i grew up on the internet, im from that generation that what people say on the internet does not affect me, thicker skin, less emotions about what some1 that DOES NOT KNOW YOU has to say... Actually I was waiting for some1 to say something just to get back at him ingame... the internet used to be a mean to access a game ( among other things), now your entire life revolves around it.
  14. oh.... did some1 offend you on the internet? what a cruel world we live in, how DARE he/she/they.... i mean pronouns right? GROW UP...
  15. i think i saw this message again... they will not ask about any change they implement, the Essence model in KR is veery successful, and yes they are adding features mechanics from Essence. Why in the world would you like single target? even if you do, there are 4 types of dagger, eviscerator, sayha seer, and you can play every warrior as single target with the right gear... hell, people from Naia play "melee archer", like the good old days ( dont ask me, I saw that on DT shout) so the option is there for you to play the game " one mob at time" You did not hear? Im pretty sure they are adding catacombs as part of a weekly 10 hour instance. Now, if I am getting this right, poeple usuallu want something to do when they log in or they sit in front of their screen and all you want it to be in a single location with a single target character killing mobs for 0.0001% ( at best) ? like for real? Additionally, why do you want to "change" the current map (mobs layout)? You want single target its more than enough the way it is... now, back in the day most classes were single target, and there were catacombs, FoG, stackato, Pagans, etc, places you could pull tons of mobs, but there were only a few classes that you could do AOE dmg with.. DN/titan/FS/ maybe a sorc or sps etc, now mobs are in packs but the vast majority of the classes can AOE... don't you see a pattern here? Unfortunately, they do not ask forr the changes that they make, you either adapt or move on
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