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  1. oh you are one of those guys... ok. have fun then.
  2. did you actually believe that you would get any of those rewards? (please answer the question)
  3. Im from Blackbird, we fight in PG over the raids basically we are enemies, if you want to call me a fan so you can feel less incompetent go ahead, this does not change the fact that what you said was something along the lines of " you guys have a lot of active players and are able to farm and we cant but what the point to continue playing ??? i don t know , fighting u , i tried , it s a waste of time , i can t even farm more than 1-2 hours." L2 is a game where you NEED to do a few simple steps and NONE of you even try to do so. In the first drop you get there is drama of who will get it, an
  4. i do not make that much adena nor I have those items, I am a tank, one of the hardest classes to lvl, i am happy with 1m per day due to the pvp/pk and all that. just letting you know that there are other ways to do stuff. People use the excuse that they do not spend as much as others but most people do not want or do not know how to best utilize their character and their money. Yeah there are people that have the ability to turn Ncoin into adena, but those are only a handful of players, the rest are playing it really smart or actually try to in order to avoid spending as much.
  5. they were never looping in the first place... on this version!
  6. pet books are expensive, what do you mean? just cuz you need one, you should get it for 10m? what kind of twisted logic is this? even if a random person got it somehow, it would sell it for the same if not a higher price. top clans are called top clans for a reason, if you want to blame it on "botting" go ahead, but the vast majority of the players live in their own little world when it comes to L2, its like they are incapable of thinking at all. take you for example, you put "some" money on your char, others may have put more than you, now what? the server is 2 months old, i would assum
  7. he actually has a point on that while you on the other hand really try to find a way out of this. If you did buy all the packs on day one and the launch pack you are set to farm adena for a while, especially if you are an AOE toon. add the initial packs and nm/gloves and boots on any toon, you can farm 10-15m adena per day, setup a buyshop for L1k's and you also have the ability to buy myteleports/share locations and all the goodies that you can from the Lcoin shop. with the new gearboxes, you can farm even more than that! @Innislike you said, you actually made your enemies quit within
  8. yes it is, sometimes you get 1 or 4 or none!
  9. long story short. you need sayhas grace always up to play L2 aden, worst case scenario sayhas will 480 ncoin/month. If you do not want or cannot afford any Ncoin then stop while you still can, there is not really any way for you to make adena. Unless you started back in august.
  10. cant kill fast enough... sorry but you will have to get something to help you lvl faster. you will have to get agathion pack, (ignis is at 5, pretty good, get a petram to 4 and then all the rest go full atk speed) get an brooch pack and possibly a gear pack, that should set you up for a good 3-5 months. If you cannot afford it, then there is really nothing you can do, unless some1 gets you in group, but then again, you will need grace up at all times otherwise, it will cost you and eery1 in party the adena drops. I would say that right now, with 100$ you should be fine as a new player
  11. need to be 76+, kill 3000 mobs in ToI or higher vl areas. bottom of your screen -> missions
  12. i would say no, cuz i tried making duals with an imprint raid sword and it did not show up on the blacksmith ( that was early on, not sure if i did something wrong)
  13. @Koijhy ignore vladbila, you are 67, when hunting higher lvl mobs you have dmg penalty. do you have gear or you are trying to do it with the free stuff you have? the XP you get goes up depending on your kill speed. with crap gear you will get 5% an hour or with better gear you can get 10-12% ( numbers are an example), the subjugation numbers increase as you kill. whats your gear btw?
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