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  1. https://discord.com/safety/360044149331-What-is-Discord do you never look past googles first line? instead of take 2 more minutes to research what it is, you made a brand new post about it? are you like 5?
  2. Connex


    it really is tricky on how you gonna upgrade + play your character. GK is really strong so if you ask me. first of all, I strongly recommend getting a +10 blessed exalted set and using that till 110 at least, weapon/jewels and armor do not spend tons of billions for fancy weapon simply cuz you will not be able to do benefit from this. Insanity ~14b +5 greater kaliels bracelet ~8b lv2 artifact book and fill it with +0 artifacts for the 5% dmg and -6& dmg received (do your research on the cost) if you use the blessed exalted talisman yo uget 5% pdef/m def/patk/matk a
  3. p atk should be visible in your stats, unlike p skill power or p skill crit rate etc
  4. oh lord... are you really this dense? here is an example, when there is an event, buy boxes and sell them DO NOT open them, the past event was around $1.9/bil , the events are not back to back so control your budget and spend when needed. If you just generate adena then prices will double, its like a country printing money with no reflection of that value on natural resources i.e gold. Cant remember which country it is, you pay 1 billion and you get like a coffee or 1 banana. This is exactly what will happen with all the items in L2, a +12 R110 bow from 120b will skyrocket to 360 or more
  5. Connex


    what is your budget?
  6. you are complaining about one single spot, get over it, move to another spot, it HAS ALWAYS been like that, do you remember the catacombs? or TOI back in the day? or the 700 mobs for 3rd class change? did they EVER in the history of L2 change a locations mob density becasue we asked? I never said I was geared but if you consider spending 50$ for blessed exalted set a lot of money, they you clearly are in the wrong game. I never said to solo Tanor.
  7. let me stop you right there. a) you do NOT need deep pockets, you need knowledge of the game, some money and the ability to put 1 plus 1 together. b) the element for the 105+ areas has increased, so mobs do more dmg. that is why people are still in phantasmal/ EV until 109 c) if you spend 6 months in EV and you are not 110, then you are doing this wrong d) your point does not matter, they have never taken into consideration what we say and they never will e) do not wanna box many things? perfect, no1 is forcing you to instead of posting a wall of text here with your views and sugge
  8. I will answer your question in a way that it will sound harsh but it is the truth and how things are right now. Ppl will accept you in a clan and they will even help you but you NEED to be able to show them that you are committed, not to them but to the game, if you are an exalted warrior and 105, unwilling to spend any $$ for the game then no clan will help you. The reason is simple, each player has paid a certain amount of money for gear, so if a new player joins and has nothing to offer or nothing to show in terms of gear then you will just be wasting everyones time. Crisis/PI/Sto
  9. this is forced to companies within the EU, if a company is based outside the EU, it is not mandatory for them to disclose rates.
  10. you actually have no idea how this works right? NC West is a branch of NC Soft. They follow (mostly) whatever instructions they get from the main company, they have no developers to do what you are asking.
  11. cmon man! not you too! pretty sure support will sort that out!
  12. You can solo in EV, Phantasmal until 109, if you have gear, then you can do Silent Valley or IT Crater and if you are stronger than that then by all means go to Alligator Island, there are many spots for you to grind, stop creating more problems when there are none, you need to learn to adapt to what the game has to offer rather that btch about every little problem that YOU are facing. Also, if you cannot find a party, then you can MAKE one, ever thought about that? Too many people just wait for someone to start a party and join later that is why a lot of players made alt toons and occupy
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