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  1. WTS +10 Akat

    WTS +10 Akat (452 p.atk) Message me here for offers or find the store in Giran Square. It's better than a Carnage Bow (A grade)
  2. Nova's war clan is up on all wars against the IsForce zergnation. Sack the hell up IT and fight for your server. Giran doesn't have to be the only pvp server.....#stopthecarebear

    Trash fraps from a trash player. Pm me in game for PR lessons
  4. IsForce LF Level 70's to help win big boy war

    Admin can lock this thread, they found Supremacy.
  5. Enchant exploit

    WTS my +7 Akat, pm me in game
  6. Looking to sell Amulet of Fury and buy SB Haste or do a direct trade. Feelsbadman when the mob finally drops your book but the wrong one PM : YoungNastyMan or Telu in game to talk details or DM here
  7. WTS Light Crossbow

    Talking Island, looking for only serious offers. Preferred method is in game pm or DM here https://gyazo.com/fdab8ad00322601f44c0c0c7eb3dd90d

    Bro just try to bot if you are gonna try to bot, don't give us the cute story cover up to fall back on when you get caught and banned :c
  9. Glows were designed to show who had the balls to OE in a time when items were worth paychecks. Not so everyone can live out their star wars lightsaber fantasy. Glows are ment to set you apart, not be common place so you get a epileptic seizure walking through Giran. Did you even play old school retail? I'm pretty sure you aren't aware of what you might be gettting into my dude....
  10. This is the most retarded thing I have ever seen. Please delete this crap, you are embarassing yourself. Freaking private server hippie. "Guys come vote for all the shit that made l2 suck." Good joke fam
  11. Archers in Classic 1.5

    Play what you wanna play tbh, all 3 have their pros and cons.
  12. Bartz Roll Call

    Bibby. My god. Am I going to have to carry you this sever too?
  13. Destoyer or Tyrant

    Destro suits your needs
  14. Are you to inform me that you plan on trying to account share sir, that is against the rules.