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  1. Newbie here considering all these posts. EVI is the class to go. Name: OneofSeven Server: Naia
  2. To be honest if the npc not giving them, its faster to delete the char and make an new one
  3. Dont't think ppl still buying em. Price on Naia for example went down from 270kk buyshop to ~200kk buyshop. Also several quitting and selling all their stuff on naia.
  4. It is simply disgusting that they totally ignoring the playerbase
  5. Golf Clap for your great work @Hime TY for replying to all our concerns we dealing for weeks now /sarcasm off
  6. I think we have here some different opinions on "fishing" players to spend money. Just see the previous store sales. There always been some Items that mostly no1 got. But now it is like 17 out of 28 possible rewards don't exist at all. That's a totally new lvl. And seeing the last time @Juji and @Hime logged was last Wednesday isn't speaking for them in a positive way.
  7. If so, why even bother to list the other "possible" rewards? They messed it up and now don't have the courage to stand their man here and reply to the complains.
  8. Oh and besides, i just checked. @Hime and @Juji last been online Wednesday And here we got the Support Team telling me to Post on Forum and that they will not reply to me in the same case again - since all is working as intended "Senior GM Drayg (Lineage 2) Mar 7, 2021, 4:29 PST Hello, Drayg here, one of the Seniors from NCSOFT Support Team. We understand where you are coming from. I know that having to acquire the desired items will assist you with your gameplay experience. Rest assured that the details of your ticket has been thoroughly reviewed
  9. I am not using it by now. To be honest i didnt play since Wednesday as i opended the chests. So far i am just selling stuff. Still very close to leave for god.
  10. It's just stupid that you ask the support team and they say it's bannable while dozen of ppl use it. So the thing is, if you use it too and they will always have something to perma ban you if they don't like what you doing/writing. If you don't use keyboard macro you are left behind...
  11. So what have we to do to get a reply? But ofc we don't get a reply. To any of the Questions asked. Is this the way NCW now wants to threat paying customers?
  12. How is the state here? Any news? Any update? Any interest to have us around on NCW anymore? Doesn't seem so...
  13. Here is the reply about my ticket: "GM Eri (Lineage 2) Mar 5, 2021, 23:40 PST Hello, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having a difficult time trying to acquire the items you want. Items like these are often difficult to acquire because they can’t be traded and can greatly benefit your character. Please note that things like this that is associated with RNG mechanics tend to provide extremely unexpected results, for the better or for the worse. We've re-checked the status of the Pantheon's Chest of Protection and confirmed that this is working as intended."
  14. After like 1900 Chests i not even got a Shining Energy. I already created a ticket demanding to remove all the items from the opening, restore all opened Pantheon Chests and fix the rewards so we can open em when fixed. Still can't belive @Juji @Hime @PhoenixMitra don't have the honor or the professionalism in work to reply to any of us As for me: If they don't fix this with totally compensation for the players that opened boxes already i gonna quit on Naia and move on to Core. (So did some friends of me - lvl 112 to 115 and good spenders - already)
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