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  1. No if I you play in Giran, no other time zone server for european people and start again to level a character when I pay for 2 launcher pack on Giran... what kinda of stupid suggestion? seriously?
  2. Yes, a lot of people affirm that seen Loch Ness Monster... the proof?
  3. Another solution can be make a restart all days to kick all AFK accounts... or simply do something for your part NCsoft
  4. Remove halloween events and the lvl 20 fishing quest to have solved the queues problem and dont make more event or things that need an account online to get a reward.
  5. It's intetional? I dont see nothing of this on patch notes or any other place, it feels like a bug. Has no sense...
  6. Hi, Im summoner and when I go to cruma tower second floor and my pet attack a validus or torfe, this mob come to hit me automatically ignoring my summon. I dont try other mobs or cruma 2, but have this problem with this mobs.
  7. Remove halloween event and not put more event that need stay logged to get a reward, I have 500 of queue because a lot of people have logged characters to get the event rewards, its pretty absurd.
  8. The server its unplayable if you are not a MAGE cp that farm doing AOE, melee and archer partys cant make adena and we level up very fast, with a rune of 50% exp, and event with 30% more of EXP, Alligator Daily... Dont need more EXP, need a real FIX of adena/drop/spoil. At lvl 41 you cant take any gatekeeper, isnt funny if you must expend 30 mins running to the spot.
  9. Change this to get queue only people with VIP 1
  10. Can you say is you are going to fix it? Im wating an answer to continue playing or leave the game.
  11. The adena drop from monster are very low. I cant buy BSPS no grade and the start quest are bugged and only give you soulshot. ¿You pretend that we level without BSPS with a mage?
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