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  1. Reserved Slot

    @Hime Could we get a Reserved Slot added as a benefit to VIP4?
  2. Game crash after disconect

    Same issue here
  3. Keep Looping Macro!!!

    No, my old bartz clan is returning with me. As of right now we have 38 players. 4 WC, 4 BD, 4 SWS. We don't box buffers, they are more effective when actually played.
  4. Keep Looping Macro!!!

    If you truly believe an afk bot party can touch a fully buffed archer with songs/dances, you're insane.
  5. Keep Looping Macro!!!

    Woot!. So I will be leveling up 2 identical toons.. One for PKing bot trains, one for a main Rang Rang
  6. Keep Looping Macro!!!

    No Gear drop? Even when red?
  7. Keep Looping Macro!!!

    Simple.. Step 1 - Drop train on your PT Step 2 - Chain Stun Healers Step 3 - Pickup your gear
  8. Keep Looping Macro!!!

    L2Vet I fully agree with you regarding Macros, but the problem is that majority of the players that this new server is going to attract are the old school L2 players that do not have time to play 12-15 hour sessions like we used to. After 12 years of Lineage 2 majority of us were done, as the game ended for most of us at the release of GoD. L2 C1-C5 was the prime of Lineage 2. I can promise you that a server with 5-10k active players that use a built-in macro feature will be a hell of a lot more fun than 1k running bots. You know just as well as I do that the enforcement of anti-bot rules back in the C1-C5 days was the laughing stock of the game. (everRed)