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  1. You are joking right? Ok let me explain, PR is a glass cannon he hits hard but he falls even if someone just looks at him in pvp, backstab hits ignoring cp so when pr is low hp for CDL you come in hide and give him 1 simple backstab and its over, and you cry that pr cdl is good regardless of bow and ++++, what about dagger stabs you know you can use a ng dagger and a A +16 dagger and the difference in stab damage will be like 300-400 ?? And now about exping, your friend is oneshoting doom knights ? ask him how many he kills before he is out of mana, you can exp like this only if you have 4 man
  2. Hi, im doing the pk quest now (Brothers Bound in Chains), the L2 wiki says i need 35 items but the game quest info says i need 50 which one is it ? If i stop and continue tomorrow will i be able to use the sin eater or i will need to buy a new one and do it from scratch ?
  3. So will i drop items if if im white with 4pk or not ?
  4. I remember seeing a picture with the info on when items drop or not on this server, anyone has it ?
  5. I have 4 pk and no carma, will i drop items if i die from a mob ?
  6. This game forces you to do that, i have to keep the mana charges in party so they grow up at the same lvl as my mage so the recharge doesnt have a penalty. It is by design that you have to have supports if you play this game without a cp. I just need a confirmation of how vip works in party from the admins, if its divided by the members then that is very very greedy of them and theres no way in hell i will pay 150eu for the 1st month to have more or less normal rates that they have for 30 euro a month (3 boxes on skelth) in a 20 year old game non the less.
  7. So if i play with Mage + SE+ EE in order to get the 50% drop bonus so i can get 1 cdl book in the next month, i need to pay 3 vip4 (150 euro) ??? 150 euro for a 20 year old game ? are you kidding me ?
  8. Its just amazing how people sit here and discuss how can we get more money into NCSofts pockets ... wow The moment when they cross the line with p2w stuff is the moment when the server will die and only creditcard warriors and bots will remain (the same thing that happened to l2 live)
  9. Then go play on THAT server, this one is clearly not for you. Bye
  10. I just cant understand where do you smart people come from, bring back item drop after death ??? I'm 100% sure that when it will happen to you ( and it will sooner or later if we would have it) you would cry rivers on forum. Do you think its good gameplay to have groups and clans going in and stuning people bringing mob trains just do drop you under mobs? There are so many ways this can get abused you have no idea, there was a time on russian servers when people were looking for groups to exp, you get invited and then a wc 78 teleports you in front of an agro mob in giants cave and you die in
  11. Can someone please explain to me how does the vip drop bonus works in partys ??? The drop is calculated from who did the most dmg or last hit or its diveded between the lvls of vip in the pt or what ?
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