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  1. Nobody wrote about faul, he wrote about "consider". One-time, stop be selfish kid and try think about server for all people. We are playing this game very long time, we have a lot of friends from south america but we are from europe. We started play on TI, because we play this game for fun with friends. We are not selfish, we are not botters, we dont play it for $$$ like tryharders. Its absolutly disgusting like people are selfish to players or GMs. Grow up kids. If u love L2, if u play it for fun. You know very well, that more people, more sides = more fun on server.
  2. @Juji Can do u make some time on meeting with your team? Its again and again. Same like part with your people which didnt know different rules between normal server and Classic and they refund +++ weapons when people wrote them tickes. Now, most of your people talk normaly, if your system locked acconts, your people w/o problem normal acconts unlocked like example @Elle , because we created new acc, lvl1 and there wasnt reason hold it locked. Elle (Lineage 2) Jan 20, 12:56 PST Hello, Thank you for your patience while we looked into your issue. It appears this account
  3. MOST ACCS ARE UNLOCKED and ONE IS BANNED. Same terms, same problem, so i wait same solution.
  4. I know about it very well. If u create more accs, your accs are locked. Its NCWest protect versus botters probably. If u read it again, i dont understand it, why MOST ACCS ARE LOCKED and ONE IS BANNED. Same terms, same problem, so i wait same solution. Btw. 1PC = 3 activ windows. U can play more chars, log and log out them from this PC and me, like probably most of people use to playing next old pc or notebook on buffers/traders.
  5. @Hime @Juji Hello my dears GMs, I believe that u know very well systems like clans/CPs work in game. I have rly big patience and i understand if u LOCKING acconts if people create more accs in short time or make similar emails. I understand all of it. I dont understand one thing. I give u example with my problem: I created 4 acconts on AQ before than i go sleep. I created email: [content moderated] I made on all accs lvl1 and i gone sleep. Next day i came and i saw that all acc are locked. I understand, your system had suspicon, its ok. I wrote on your mail and
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