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  1. Watching them trying to run these servers is like watching monkey trying to repair broken car.
  2. They are clearly trying to get as much money as they can before wow opens in ~month. I won`t be surprised if they will just close all classic servers after that.
  3. I can see that u reply only in crucial stuff! Good thinking!
  4. pm here on mail in game.
  5. I was always curious about that but how `detailed` data u get from Korea? Im not a tech person so I dunno if this is even a proper question, but I`m just wondering if this is anyhow possible that Koreans intentionaly fluctuated the drop for the whole period of the event and you are not able to identify that with the data pack u have at your end?
  6. lol making 800kk out of 20 in 9 days "just by trading" would be even impossible on super alive market....
  7. So, this talisman `event` is basicaly the same as `pendant event` just item goes into talisman slot. Full P2W. Thats clearly an alternative for 400kk xp + sp a day that could be used by casual player.....
  8. @Juji another free hint - that was perfect time ot proceed with server merges. 1. There would be way more action on the servers 2. People would be kept busy and mb forget about your recent and constant failures 3. You may keep Aden / Gludio players still here But yeah, your genius minds are busy with developing +50% xp talisman. Merge too hard.
  9. are u joking? U promised to reevaluate the case about cake event and u came up with 7 day talisman for 50xp?
  10. I`m quite sure its some intern that manages forum. Juji enjoys his weekend. ^^
  11. there are dozen solutions in this topic alone. Although they require some additional work to do in comparison to clicking `DELETE`. If there is work juji goes for DELETE.
  12. When u are certain that NC cant be more incompetent.... here comes @Juji to prove u wrong. I would love to know what Korean Devs think about your great company based in the greatest country of all...... I can only guess they are running on a solution to replace u all with trained monkeys.
  13. So u thought that if u buy 10 of those runes you will have +500% xp?
  14. I think you and most of ppl here didnt realise u can trade those tickets....
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