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  1. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 15, 2020

    To be honest I can't say that I'm surprised they are still doing nothing, these special server settings doesn't help anyone because more people are logging more clients BECAUSE of the exp buff. Your not reducing your server load because last month there was almost no que, month before here/there was a que. The fact that I haven't gotten any exp on my melee main in 3 months because I spend more time dead than alive is insane. Trying to hunt IT Crater or Silent Valley with 106 Evis with the following gear: +10 Bloody Light Set FE +11 R99 Bloody Fist 3SA 5/5/Tyrr Elmore +7 / Noble Circlet +5 / Veterans Mask +3 AQ Soul, Zaken Soul, Atlas +12, Ring of Creation, Enhanced Istina's Neck Exalted Talis, Abundance Lvl 1, 7 Signs Talisman, Longing, Venir level 8, Stage 3 jewls That is PLENTY of gear for a dou with Hierophant with Level 2 Harm/Melodies etc. I can't EXP MY bleep MAIN for 3+ months now, I'm forced to level mentee's which you see I have atlas +12 I don't need or my archer dual class. Because Melee's spend more time DEAD on the ground because they can't VR HP back because of the server side lag. I'm no big spender, I spent $100 here/there I'm a disabled Veteran living off what I get from VA. I enjoy this game, but to be honest your customer server is worse than my VA doctors and I literally cough up blood from a blood clot in my lungs they do NOTHING about and I'm saying your WORSE then they are!! When will you seriously FIX the servers so what we PAY for in a FREE TO PLAY game we get what we pay for. We get some type of customer service, some sort of working game... Do we all need to refuse to log for a week for you to actually care? Do we need to stop purchasing NC Coin 100% for a month until you take the time to FIX your servers? This isn't our servers, we don't own the game/hardware, its not within our capability to FIX It only you can. We aren't asking for what is within our rights as PAYING customers for a service we pay for, forget the "Free to Play" Aspect which still is your job to maintain the servers for people that don't even invest money into the game. You have PAYING customers that give you their money to enjoy something and all you do is nothing day in day out, week in week out. Back in the day at launch and even for 5 years after you would have GM Events you guys would come on summon monsters/raid bosses make your GM toons red and let us kill you and you'd drop items. IT was fun you guys interacted with your customers you had some sort of PR with customers, now we get nothing you throw a us angel cat blessing once in a while NEVER come to GM buff us, never come to interact besides selective answering of questions only 1 or 2 people care about while ignoring the MASS important questions. You guys must really hate your jobs, and i get it your slave to what Korea wants, why don't you buy rights like EU/RU has to do what they want inside the games/events/promotions and actually get back to enjoying your job. Because 10 years+ ago you guys did enjoy the game and your jobs because you interacted with us, things were better, we enjoyed the game a lot more with active GM's. You used to do live support tickets and pm us on our tickets and took the time sometimes to talk to us. Until YOU as in NCSoft WEST change don't expect us your customers to change because while some of the customers are the problem *aka cheaters*, the majority is with YOU the game company and lack of customer support/service. We can't do anything about your part or other customers, but I guarantee if you did changes we request you wouldn't have so many unhappy customers and support tickets would go down, and we would have nice things to say about the staff/company and you would have good PR. So WHAT are YOU going to do about it NC West? Honestly, I bet you $100 the answer is.. Nothing.
  2. Paulina set for old character

    Put in a ticket and tell them you completed 105 before update and didnt' get the paulina's gear and they will give it to you. I did it on 2 accounts when I came back they were able to help on that aspect.
  3. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 8, 2020

    It's sad, 106 Evis could solo SV before insane lag now with insane lag can't solo EV/IT Crater, can do EV/Phantasmil at 1/2 the exp of SV/IT Crater. So I literally haven't been able to level my main for last 2 months due to lag otherwise I'm spending same amount of SS for 1/2 the exp. So I've been doing mentee's and rerolling dual, but seriously I would like to get back to leveling my MAIN PLEASE!!! Can we SERIOUSLY FIX THE DAMN LAG! Aug/Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb/Mar NOW INTO APRIL.. We are literally going on 9 MONTHS of lag??? I would love to be able to catch up some in levels and do higher level things but since I'm stuck at 106 due to sever lag its insane... PS I may not have a degree in PR or professional experience, but when NCSoft wants to figure out how to make players happy and make more money.. PM me I'll work for NC Coin and increase your profit and community popularity! Until then same old NC Shaft!
  4. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 8, 2020

    Hime, What is entertaining is NC EU/RU have so many more in game items than we do, better community support, and no lag care to elaborate on why we are the black sheep of the Lineage 2 communities through the world? THIS game could have so much more for us, and so much more money for NC NA but you guys seem to have given up? I enjoy the game, but at this point why don't you just shut down the servers it's so well known you don't want to fix the server or make more money.
  5. lvl 100 and what now?

    Well if you followed your Noobie Guide quests that come up it would tell you to go to Blazing Swamp or Hellbound to do your exalted quest so you get more free gear/soul shots. If you read the patch notes you would see up till Hellbound or high you get NO drops. You do get drops in GC you didn't stay long enough to get any. https://www.lineage2.com/news/winter-of-war-update-patch-notes Here is the link to the patch notes you should read them. Search on that page for "Ether" it will show you what drops where, and what doesn't drop were. There is a event but since your a new player the only thing really to do is talk to Green NPC and do "research" and he gives you a 23hr buff that every hour it gives you 1/4 Vit filled, and on the 23rd hour full replenishes vit. So if you have already used your Vital Maintaining Rune this will help you keep vit up more. Again READ THE PATCH NOTES AND EVENT NOTES. Do a little looking/research yourself and you too can be knowledgeable in Lineage 2. Just like you too, can prevent forest fires!

    If you read the patch notes, they say they stopped Faction Quest/Leveling to "revamp" it so until they bring it back revamped you can't do Faction Quests. Please read patch notes
  7. Drop Calculator 2020

    Patch Notes said that opening crafting packs after update would yeild corroded items. It didn't, so anyone who opened crafting packs got a TON of new materials instead of junk to NPC. Thats how people got massive amounts of new materials within hours of game update.
  8. Mentee Mark Items

    He's saying that when they 1st released patch notes it was updated Mentee Rewards for Marks, they later removed it and said "Sorry it was for another region". He's saying that the rewards have been this way for 4+ years? Don't you think its about time to refresh the rewards like you "refreshed" the mentee level system? He's saying they are crap rewards, because a lot of people are 105+ and can't get atlas earring because they already graduated from Mentee years ago and unlike Exalted Rewards that you backdated per say you haven't done that with Mentee/Mentor's. That is what he's trying to say.
  9. Thoughs on Update

    In general I think the update is good, but there are some thing that I think are just thrown together and are hindering game play. #1. Adding Mobs in Beleth, Phantasmil was a great idea! But its more like someone took a map and just literally crapped waypoints of monsters all over it without a care in the world what they were doing. One thing I liked that Lineage 2 had was "Spots" where you could macro and wouldn't run into someone else's spot causing them to QQ/PK/Be complete rude about it. Beleth and EV had this and Phantasmil had it but there was sooo much OPEN room you could add 50+ spots without overlap EASY. Fix these spots so its just not 10000 mobs thrown together and go back to how it has been in all area's where their is spots. #2. I Like you added Phantasmil back to Exalted Quest Items list as it should have been for a long time since you removed the quest specifically from that area. #3. Material/Adena changes are absolute garbage, I like changing things up and getting rid of all the different level of materials and going to one universal items, great on that idea. But if I have 4 person party getting 250k roughly per member per hour and only 1 person using shots, but have OOP Domi it cost 1.6m per hour in buffs. I'm losing money not even counting shots/self buffs soul ore cost. I think you have went WAY to far on Spirit Ore/Soul Ore cost on Self Buffs/OOP Buffs/In party buffs. The average player not whales, has a hard time buying Shots/Gear with this cost alone. Giving us our OWN buffs that are weaker but cost Spirit Ore sure will make it easier for us to solo by ourselves but the cost won't allow us to support this. Someone's thread in here was saying prices on NCWest vs Korean Servers is insane. Something need to be done about this seriously. 4. Your making a "Free to Play" game where you HAVE to buy NCCoin and sell ingame for adena to be able to gear, I liked it better when there was monthly sub instead of forcing us to buy NCcoin. But sure you like the NCCoin avenue cause you make more money in the long run. Sometime has to be done about this Me I played from Beta Launch to 2010, from 2010 to present One/Off due to the fact couldn't make adena without A. Botting or B. Buying Adena/NC Coin. I've played numerous other games and never really had to make money in them to buy gear/mounts/pets/etc, but with NC Soft its crazy stupid on how to make adena. I keep getting told "Run a full party to make adena" and go Land of Chaos before update people were making decent money before update. Now its gone and they looking for next place. I don't want to run a full group just to have adena to buy gear. It's a 2nd job instead of a game. I enjoy L2 but 15 years later isn't it time you fix the game instead of keep breaking it for your Cash shop?
  10. Lineage II: Winter of War Begins on January 16

    its 2020, and people still can't google "What time is PST" to get a website like https://time.is/PST That tells you what time it is NOW in PST timezone? No wonder they put in Auto Exp Mode you guys can't even tell time!!
  11. So far..

    If you watched the stream Juji said it was like 1.5 Age of Spendor.. Offically from NCShaft guess you missed that in your attempt to be a forum warrior?
  12. So far..

    umm Classic is suppose to be Pre-C4 your argument the rest is invalid.. clearly shows exactly what you actually know about "Classic" they are merging New/Old and calling it classic.. Its not classic. Not to mention they removed half the mobs that used to spawn everywhere and threw them all in little area's where everyone is fighting for the same mobs and crying about KSing. Went by School of dark arts.. In classic there was tons of golems.. Then aren't there anymore because they are all PACKed into one small area.. 1/2 the map doesn't have any monsters at all that used to.. This isn't classic man its a cluster.
  13. So far..

    Well server has been up for just over 24hrs and here are my gripes with it.. Yes I played in Beta, all the way up to C8 ish? First off the bots are just rampaging through the server now as they did back then so KUDOS NCShaft for doing thing about this like always! A+ for no effort like normal! Server launch was on par with Launch of Classic also so A+ for no effect like always also! The flood makes it a joke to try and do any of the quests they "Added" that wasn't in launch of Classic. But we are trying to bring back the nostalgia of CLASSIC Juji says! So far its a cluster **** just as bad as classic so I would say your doing a great job. So far I've spent 1 1/2 hours "next target / attack" to finish the undine part of the quest for humans because there literally was 80+ people trying to do it. Also leveled a Dark elf where it took 1 hr to get a single Dark horror. This is increased spawn rate? Yesterday at 10pm trying to login I couldn't even create a character for the first time before the window closed on me. Then login again couldn't enter my PIN before it closed on me again. Oh but the bots are able to get in just fine because I Ping/Pong them between mobs by selecting the mob they running to then they stop and go for another then I click that one. The CRY FEST "You KS ME GET YOUR OWN MOB" is seriously unreal. The drop rate is even WORSE than Classic was back in the day, we can't move our packs to another server because 90% went to one server making it impossible to do anything. Yep this is serious nostalgia I'm having here, I had hope NCShaft would learn from 15 years almost of mistakes and they haven't. I spend first 10 hrs running back/forth from town "Saving" money on Ports cause Juji said on stream no free teleport.. What a ****** liar he is to be honest. Found out after playing 10+ hrs teleport were free.. Ya JOKES ON ME for listening to what the great and wise Juji said. Haven't decided on still playing or chalking $100 up to a waste trying to have fun like I used to because of this JOKE called a classic server. TO a joke called Juji the great and wasteful liar of a GM that has no sense of humor.. Did you even watch the stream Juji you look some uncomfortable, all over the place, and didn't know what was fact/fiction of what you were saying because 5 days before lauch you still "hadn't hammered out the details" Your a multi-million dollar company and 5 days before launch you didn't know when servers were coming up? Pretty sure this post will be deleted but hey w/e I'm venting because this is 1000x worse than Classic was ever and I was stupid enough to buy chronicle packs x2 and load $20 x2 onto accounts hoping for something different. NCShaft great job of coning me into believing you and getting my hopes up! KUDOS A++++
  14. Late Night CP NA

  15. Late Night CP NA

    Well as the title says I'm looking to recruit some people for a late night CP. Talking 1am - 6am ish CST Time. Trying to put some groups together for people like me that work 2nd shift and get off while most people sleep. Hit me up here if your interested and what class/play times you have going on for the drop of Classic!