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  1. In later chronicles I was playing OL/WC with Doom Heavy+aoba solo melee farm (there was a passive that when you p att you take as return mp). In classic I am thinking to make a BW light set. Bonus: p def+5,25% ,+15% casting speed +better def than Avadon robe set, so archers cant 1 shot you. The only minus is that the set dont provide mp as all the robe sets. Does anyone try it in other server? Can you make all buffs to your party with a light set?
  2. IF you are not planning to fix the adena drop rate soon,at least change GK prices to 1/4 when free gk expire. People <40lev wont be able to finish second class quests(12 hours walking and teleporting) even if they dont buy ssd,potions,soes.
  3. I think I fixed it, all are login now. Next dc will proove if I am ok ,I wont risk to test it. I changed my TCP/IP configuration from auto to manual setting my ip my DNS mask and using DNS
  4. Removed the # as its not a comment ,the "cannot find host name" stoped. THe login with the windmill and the options appear but there is no servers like when we try to login in maintenace. I can only press exit button or options. (colors are bad because I am at work and try to fix it with teamviewer)
  5. DNS is running and I flushed it several times before I post. Then I tryed to fix files with launcher and finally deleted game and installed in a new directory differ path. Nothing of these worked till now. After 20-30 tries it connects to server but its annoying.
  6. Here is mine looks the same Copy it from " \system32\drivers\etc " to l2 folder?
  7. What I should find in this file,how I can check if it is correct or wrong?
  8. Uninstalled game and Installed again in a new directory. After many tries of getting the same message I logined 2 and the 3rd account still show this message.
  9. My second and third account got disconnected. When I try to connect them I get the message "cannot resolve host name" and then I cant see server list. I restarted my pc. I restarted rooter. I made fix files with launcher. For now on I cant login to game or I can login only one window. I found some solutions on the net clear cash ,check DNS is running and all looks fine.
  10. You have to review spoil % too. Scavengers with lev 2 spoil has worst chances than a crafter with lev 1 spoil in a normal x1 server. In 100 mobs only about 3-4 are getting blue color to sweep.
  11. Ι play L2 since C1 released, never met this Aden 1st class transfers instead of starting Villages. Google only shows the original 1st class transfers from starting villages.
  12. The patch notes says "Most of the first class quests are carried out on the continent of Aden, away from the starter villages, and the quest difficulty is relatively low." Anyone met this in other servers? Where we can find these new class transfer quests?
  13. Ο classic δεν νομιζω να εχει trird class.
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