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  1. No, apparently I don't know Jack, I only know Chuck. This same scourge is what has always screwed up the game on the server, without a doubt they are a returning cancer. If shit was missing from the server, here are these guys. That is clear, NO?
  2. we are reaching the limits of the server. Patience. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErvgV4P6Fzc
  3. It only remains to be patient, when the limit is reached there is no more to do. NCWEST warned that we are already at the limit, they have taken action with the new toons. But those who are connected to this event are too much, I have been in position 450, 1.30 hours of waiting, this event has too much for anyone to want to miss it. I do not justify anything, but it is what is happening. Yes, am I hot? Sure, but we are reaching the limits of the server. Patience. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErvgV4P6Fzc
  4. They were members of the FS clan, which apparently no longer wants them in their ranks, they have always done the same. But this method is used to be able to keep the spot in which you are. If they bleep long hours, that's true. NCSOFT will not take action on it, even though this may be considered harassment and abuse they do not care and will not take any action.
  5. They may be right in waiting for those who pay, NCWEST should open a server to which only those who pay can connect. And a server that is only for those who do not pay. PS: How would you get cheap elcyum if all those who fish weren't there? Anyway, it is no longer a business because of the fishing rate, they are just leaving.
  6. The player who logs in 10 accounts is because he has to do it. It does not connect with a Pentium III to play. I'm waiting to connect to the game from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., we are all hostile when we see a guy dancing in the city and we spend so many hours in the queue .
  7. You should read the message with much more attention, what it says is not what you read. If you think you have more rights to pay a prestige, it is because you are a moron Debes leer con mas atencion.
  8. You're right, if you pay you should be first in line. By the way I don't pay for prestige. I don't think that gives me more rights, I still thank you for helping the server, your contribution is always necessary.
  9. This is no longer funny, then 1 hour of waiting the application has crashed at 11. Give the server a reset, as soon as you log in you find toons pawing in heine while I wait 1 hour to enter.
  10. The mentor system is the only free way you have today to achieve something. Does this cause too many connections on the server? It may be true. But before the mentor system we had 500 accounts logged into alligator to do adena (Sure alligator was for level 40 players - you guessed if I'm old). - The system of restrictions by IP would be quite complicated, in many places you find that you browse through the IP of your Internet provider, you do not have a public IP assignment, that would leave many people out and force others to use VPN which it would be even worse. -
  11. It is not illegal for the game to use 30 or 40 accounts, you cannot ask me to stop using my accounts because you have a terrible internet service. Even using all my accounts, the service never hangs.
  12. Future updates will include the Spirit Forest zone - Lv. 105. They have an estimated time when it will be available. Thanks.
  13. At least you have obtained a scroll, with my luck I have not fallen a dino fang.
  14. The experience in game has been great in a few hours, but the adena drop does not cover the costs in a party of 7. Please a little more spice to the soup, it doesn't taste like that. - Yes we all know about bots, but guys, it really doesn't cover costs.
  15. Degus what level you are, maybe you are in the areas with a lot of influx of players and bots. In dead zones lag and DC is very rare.
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