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  1. Hello, 1 - Chronos Server.(Latino America) 2 - Not for the game. 3 - Quite a lot (mail, commerce, action, warehouse) 4 - Aden, Giran, Heine (Alligator Isle) Players stop for seconds (Disadvantages in healers' skills).
  2. They have not yet decided how, if at all, it will be compensated.
  3. There is no compensation and there will not be, so calm down.
  4. I lost my way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SCp4fQQgV4 Easy, Quiet boy, everything has an end, or everything works out wel or we move to another server.
  5. Please leave the server for 1 day without restarting, even if it is just one day. Thanks
  6. The first week will be like this, until they can be fine-tuned. Until next week we may be with these ups and downs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErvgV4P6Fzc
  7. What will be happening with the runes of 7 days, the characters have already lost 2 days of leveo. These will be compensated with a time reset or we will have to start over with the toons. Thank you.
  8. Eviscerator has always been one of the best tunes to play. You don't need a Nerf, you need the whole server to create one, xd
  9. This will undoubtedly be a lost week, it is understandable by the server migration. But so many cuts bring down the parts, and it costs a lot to put them together. Please only schedule 1 cut per day. It's very frustrating
  10. The experience in BS is not having 100% like today in the afternoon. - This does not work, or did they delete it from the low lvl areas ?? As compensation to the extended downtime, Party Hunting Boost will increase to + 100% (from + 50%) for one week (4/7 through 4/14)
  11. That's great, but I have not read any post advising where the chests fall, they could publish them so the whole server looks for them and that's it. Which are a few against 500 players on the server.
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