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  1. They been doing well these last few updates. as long as they keep doing right by the players. i can handle the wait. usually pays off now
  2. Maybe if you weren’t so rude you wouldn’t have burned yourself. And yes they do come with the armor.
  3. xp event for players lvl 110 and under. that includes the new class.. the idea is to get as many players to 110+ asap. everyone knew this was gonna be happening, so why are complaining like my 5 year old who didnt get her cookie after dinner?
  4. its 3 accts per pc. so if you have 3 pcs, and want to log 9 toons. you can do that. that player is putting the time and effort into mutliple accts, instead of lvling just 1...how is this unfair to you? im gonna guess you only have 1 pc that can barely run 3....ya bro stop caring so much about what others are doing
  5. im not the first to ask, but u say it works exactly the same as the L2 store. the L2 store pack, gives the cirlet, the jewlery and other items , not just the armor...so clarify...IS IT EXACT..DO WE GET THOSE ITEMS AS WELL???
  6. the thing is nc soft thinks we are stupid and not educated people..i feel like these reasons excuses they give us is loads of bs.. trying to make the cheapest fix and quick as possible, instead of respecting there clients
  7. wait...what??? like how many monkeys does it take it to screw in a light bulb here?! you " haven't determined compensation for the latency issue".... how long have u guys been dealing with everyone complaining in game and on the forums about these known issues that have been plaguing the live server for months now.....and all you can tell us is that "haven't determined compensation for the latency issue"....so if the hardware change fixed the lag, u aint giving us anything???....wow...like wow. ...their is a saying that if you feel like your getting screwed over, its cuz you are.. and th
  8. Dude this is a joke right? a vit tonic last about 2 minutes in ketra. and about 5 minutes in NZ. THIS IS A SLAP TO THE FACE TOWARDS YOUR PLAYER BASE AND SO DISRESPECTFUL ITS, ITS NOT EVENT FUNNY.. it should be TEN real attack cookies, and ZERO adena loss.....or how bout you give us a million for every ten we turn in. wtf dev team....moderators shame on you for not defending us players
  9. I understand that items will be harder to get than others, but when the event describes that the items are given at random but majority of the time you get vit pots, that’s not random! You devs must feel really good frustrating your dwindling fan base
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