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  1. This only shows that EU >>> NA, since this is a change asked for them. Same thing with maestro lethal nerf coming early of what should be. This is a joke! Low/mid players doing 500m~1b in IoS 1 a day is a bad thing, but a top player doing 50~100b in ToI weekly + 4b daily in neutral zone (yes, they are in a lv 107 zone, because is the BEST open world adena drop zone) is totally fine. I see you guys got the https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/21838-herald-of-light-poll-feedback-collection/ and shove up swap between what people liked and disliked. Who knows, maybe the korea
  2. I would like an Avenger as my Dragon Weapon 2 Years Lag Compensation. Thanks @Juji!
  3. I'm lvling mentee's to put atlas blessed and thats not the problem... can't say about BS, but other places (Desert, Beleth, Phantasmal, EV, even Coal) do not have that many ppl arround like last event. Very easy to find a spot in those places.
  4. Every event is the same history, we have tons of ppl with alts logged just for event plus lots of cameras for chests. And the ones that are trying to lv up as auto hit tyrrs/evis/othels struggle to stay alive since we lose 40% atk speed. That makes ppl creating more alts (tanks/heals) to stay in spot or crowd even more low spots. I know some that even stay afk in town. Know of 4 othels that change to archer because of this lag. Honestly, I'm just waiting for melee lag to complete 3 years in 2022 and they give all melees a Dragon Weapon stage 3 and we move to skill based, at least for t
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