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  1. Should be nice and appreciated if we'll got some other bonus exp weekends, when this problem will be solved, to recover the xp loss. Dunno how u can refund the vip4 not used
  2. Meanwhile u can use wtfast https://www.wtfast.com do the 1 week trial, it's legit 100%
  3. As a SE 40+ now, i have to say that a box is not always welcome in parties. PPL prefers to have an active buffer/healer/recharger. May be harder between 20 and 28, but when you get recharge you go up smoothly.
  4. Looks like successful troll is successful.
  5. more ppl reach 40 = more drops, like it's happening now for D grades. No need to worry IMHO.
  6. - autoexper - autopvper - autologin/out
  7. Or just search for a free Shillien Oracle / Elder for party and level up
  8. Hi all, i've made a Shillien Oracle, now i'm 28 so finally got recharge. However i'm struggling finding party, is it worth to keep it up until late game? PS: may i sell recharge on cities to make some money? Everyone has buff scrolls/stews so selling buffs is useless.
  9. @LordWrynn ty @Ghost007 this is exactly why i was asking about the server thing... i was thinking about login to aden, get the VIP, then login back to giran jumping the queue. However looks like this isn't possibile
  10. Hello every1, since the queue is killing me, i was thinking about the VIP1 tier. Bunch of Q: - did the VIP let you jump the queue or i'll be stucked the same way even with VIP? - if i buy the VIP on Aden server, but my main is on Giran server, the VIP applies to my account or it''s server based? Thx for the answers, just to get it clear because i'm reading too many different things.
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