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  1. Hi @LIME @Hime @Juji I do appreciate that you try to give freebies to the weaker people in order to guide them on their upgrade paths. But it will benefit only new boxes from people. The core issue of the server remains the same: - L2 lootbox rates because the chances of flooding the server with a lot of new items is a rare thing taken in consideration that the rates are bad. - Enchant rates are totally hazardous. A person with 120 LUC was trying to enchant with 11 Royal Gold Ticket his +12 weapon, he came out with +11 weapons once he finished. While in Chronos, dunno how much th
  2. Hi Ambicija, It is time to get stronger my friend. My CP joined another secondary clan so we could do ToH on our own. We have no fancy weapons all have +12 or +14 Limited weapons, Greater jewelry, some have +30 Forgotten Skills, some don't. None of us has a DW or Blood-Stain weapon and we are able in 7 people to do Goldberg & Mary-Reed with the CP. We are all between 113-116 and playing together for 6 months. It took us multiple tries to do Mary-Reed at the beginning and to learn the game mechanics from her. We do every day dailies. One of our CP member made a lot of
  3. Yeah new players at 110 which are all running in Blessed Exalted set and making literally no damage for their dailies 105, because you have to carry all these weak people who don't invest time except /afk in game. I was doing yesterday dailies on a 106 toon with R110 set + weapon, some nice items nothing too fancy and I was doing 2-3 times the damage of all other people in party, be abuse there you go with the new Blessed set and people take it for holy graal until they are 120.... Put a bunch of 110 with only Blessed Sets and you had amazed by how bad the damage will be. The game
  4. There are 3 ways to enjoy the game. 1. Buy latest Blessed Exalted Pack, Destiny Pack and Prestige Pack and only do dailies and hunt afk. 2. Open Visa/Mastercard and put as much money as possible to gear quickly. Approx 30.000 dollars should get you setup so you can go to Siege and still be 1 hit. (irony) 3. Uninstall the game and play something else. I really like the game, but other than Hunting zones, dailies, siege, Dimensional siege, the occasional PVP (1 hit vs 1 hit), the game is pretty much dead because of the required money someone must inject to actually start playin
  5. Hello, Many skills have been removed. I would recommend you to teleport to Gludio Town and talk with Tarti to start the game guidelines.
  6. Buy less event items with Ncoins and they might consider it I am looking for that day, when the Einhasad store will appear here until then, let's all stay afk & do PVE since gear requirements for PVP are only for the 5% of the server.
  7. 1. Luxemburg (EU) - 500mbps fiber optics 2. No 3.One to twice per hour, compounding, sending ingame mails or usage of Auction House. 4. Server Naia - diverse location (TOI, Rune), random lag spikes that make the character movement impossible on the client, but others see you moving. Solution: Relogging. I even got disconnected from the server after putting a cake in IOS at the same moment. Tonight in Swamp of Screams, again a random lag for 1 minute where I had to relog to solve it. Quick Remark: I never had those issues before server migration and had a smooth connection, ex
  8. @JujiI also notice one odd problem after buying event boxes. Every Wednesday when new event boxes are purchased, all my toon which whom I buy some, they are lagging for an hour non stop until I relog them and then the problem is fixed. Maybe something there which might start the lag & continues until people relog once.
  9. @iAndouille How would they say "We know where this is coming from". A nice way to you "we don't care". For my part, I open boxes & sell everything unless I get something that I might need to improve my character. Since IOS 112 I was able to improve on my toon 115 way more "freely" than what I was doing before, so there is an improvement on particular items. About Dragon Weapon, I got so far the Fragment from a lucky box, but the Claw market is so dead, that I cannot upgrade unless I pay 40-50b/Claw which is hilarious price or equivalent of 10days IOS farming, so 1 year to make a St
  10. Ban them, they won't be missed. You do not play by the rules, then you must be punished. Actually all top dogs are probably using 3rd party tools, so clean the server with the mess they are creating on the server and maybe we will start a new Era of the game.
  11. @Juji Hi, I am trying to purchase Ncoins, but I get the Error code - 100267. Could you look into the matter. I could not find any explanation here: https://support.ncsoft.com/hc/en-us/articles/360053372211?_ga=2.60559145.586927783.1617192616-1623800730.1604566457
  12. @Juji I got the same bug. When I logout & relog with another account, I actually see the tickets of both accounts. As @Slycutter suggested, it is important from NC point of view to remove cookies once you logout. PHP code: session_destroy(); //setcookie("PHPSESSID","",time()-3600); As simple as it could be to be implemented into the website code.
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