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  1. Newbie here, watched Giran siege the other day - a little boring (sporadic fights, nothing major), but I wondered about the other castles - there seems to be no other castles owned by anyone? Is Giran the only castle siege for some reason? I remember way back that all castles had sieges, and used to be massive fights. The massive part I can sort of expect to be less now given less players, but seems odd no other castles can be sieged?
  2. It sounds like it gives me some buffs (e.g. P. Atk +4%), but it also says transfers master's enhanced skills to Servitor. What skills? It's a really hard spellbook to find (and one I saw was costly) - as a newbie I don't want to be spending all my adena if its not a good skill.
  3. I was wondering this too - I can't find lvl1, and lvl4 is in the L2 store (or is that the only one?)
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