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  1. thank you. clear. still have a feeling that weekend was much better. so, will check xp next weekend
  2. it is written that there is a general server bonus this week Mon-Fri of 200%. Just killed RB in Altar and noticed that all bonus was coming from my rune and other things like exalted passive, active, etc. so I don't see server bonus and even if there is any it is very small …. far below 200%. weekend was true 300%+ xp bonus but now it dropped completely....
  3. Wolfs in L2

    Hi, I have a question. Is anybody aware of NCSoft plans to do something with wolfs? like increasing their HP, attack, defence, give new gear? Recently they increased their mx level to 109 but they are still useless one-shot creatures with current stats. And In the old chronicles wolf was really useful friend for tank.