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  1. server would close waaay before it hits 6month. And ranked people will never stop spending with boosts
  2. Thats why i insta logged off when i heard about the bug. Wont lose anything but my time
  3. I would ask 1 minute of silence for all people who bought itens with real cash from other players exploiting this bug, but the truth is that i dont give a damn
  4. you must be new here... QQers will always QQ
  5. The server will get rollback so dont need to worry about itens and instace zones you were doing
  6. I really think rolling back is the only sollution. Other than that they will lose a lot of players. Me included
  7. only bug exploiters will be impacted so...
  8. Roll back the server so as it was before the maintenence. The only people who will get mad are the same people who was exploiting a bug. As far as I know players should not exploit bugs
  9. The thing is. Its a bug. Its not fair because the itens are not in the Ncstore anymore. It was not meant to be like this because there are no posts about itens change. People are ruining the market and only people with ALOT of adena to buy chests at current price will do any profit from the bug. Its a big mistake, its not fair and it needs a really quick solution
  11. How to grow up fast: Cakes, 24h strong party, SOS or double spot in varkas/ketra, xp event. Other than that is only suffering
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