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  1. Today's evening Merlot event was unplayable by the lag One toon was completely frozen as soon I teleported to the raid zone and couldn't even log out. I had to restart the PC to solve it (Italy here, no vpn)
  2. I made fresh toons last saturday and was overridden from crashes ever since. Things went funny after migration with complete and frequent crashes while exping in blazing, or doing instances with this or that toon. Now it's getting better with disconnection from a single toon of choice. My tank called "Valeris" crashes frequently in blazing swamp, usually with subsequent party wipe and subsequent forced kick from the server. Now, I know that optimizing requires time and patience and yadda yadda, but my toons are always offline while the VITALITY MANTAINING RUNE runs out of juice. At least exte
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