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  1. Good evening Luumi . I have already contact with customer support . They told me to check with bank etc etc and the problem is from my side . I am working there . My credit card and my bank account is fully functional . First time in my life I see customer support blaming the player for their providers same issue happen with the latency problem- please check internet provider ( I am playing with 100mbps connection ) Nobody told me that Lineage2 Requires PC and Connection from NASA and SpaceX. I am not the only one with this problem already 2 members from my clan have
  2. Expired and didn't automatically renewed . I tried to cancel subscription and re-purchase it . Order complete but i didn't received mail - didn't receive code to activate . This maintenance seems that bring more problems than it solves . Really pathetic game support for 2021 knowledge . Developers must consider that if you want to milk the cow you have to feed it first . Corona Virus - help the game to revamp - developers doing their best to destroy it . Server Lag ( mellee - skill ) compensation - dc event etc .
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