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  1. I dont have this problem anymore after this week maintenance.
  2. @Hime After last unscheduled maintenance on thursday I've started experimenting some serious lag issue. Lag spikes every now and then (could be every 2 minutes but sometimes i dont get them in 20 minutes or so) where the game is unresponsive (graphics continue to update, animations ok, fps ok, so its like a network problem). I've never had this problem before the last restart on thursday and i play from oct 3. Im also VIP 3 on both my accounts. I got a very powerful computer and a good internet connection. The problem is making the game pretty hard to play, since in those freezes you
  3. @Hime Hime, after the last unscheduled maintenance many people (myself included) started having lag issues. Lag spikes where the game freezes for about 5 to 10 seconds. Never had them before. I've sopken with mane people with the same problem and all started having this issue since last thursday after last restart. Can you please make sure someone take a look at this? Thank you very much! EDIT: I play in Giran BTW
  4. So cool that you do this things buddy. I couldn't make it yesterday cause i had other plans, and i wont be making it tomorrow cause im not that high level but i will come by and watch the event.
  5. I'm getting the horrible lag spikes too since last unscheduled maintenance. 7 to 10 seconds where the game is completely unresponsive. Never had this problem before until thursday night. Also from South America. Please some help @Hime the game is unplayable in this state.
  6. Abortions For Some, Miniature American Flags For Others! Make a server with 1x rates for the majority who are asking for it (myself included) and leave this broken thing for the so called "hardcore" alpha males who want to do the spider quest 50 times per week (de-leveling included)
  7. BTW It is a purchase it is stupid to argue that it is otherwise.
  8. You have to buy Agathions if u want companions...............................
  9. Server is broken... still some people are still defending it behind the name "hardcore".
  10. @Hime Adena/Drop/Spoil Rate issue is what will decide the future of the server... this needs needs to be addressed ASAP, first priority on the list... Many people I know are not playing right now, just sitting there asking for recs, buying/selling, fishing or forum spamming and refuse to play until this is addressed.
  11. Meanwhile, on the other side of the wall: Back on topic... Im holding off to see if there are changes coming with the new maintenance, doing the same quest a hundred times and de-leveling in the process to be able to do it is not my idea of fun. I now it is a grinding game and i always liked that (played circa 2004 ~ 2007) but this is where i draw the line. I know some people like the server as it is right now and won't fight them, but you also have no right to call me (or whoever disagrees with the current status of the server) a crybaby for expressing my opinion. I'm a paying
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