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  1. omg they aren't coming to do something, absurde
  2. gm are u going to do some action now?? no because like this is only wasting time to keep Pc ON all night, just to know if i have to shut down everything... (and another day of prestige is f*ked up...................)
  3. Melee lag and skilling lag, im in slow motion and really im slower delay between skills around 1sec, server NAIA. i cant survive even in my spot atm
  4. man i literally skilling in SLOW MOTION and i cant survive in my spot!!!! do something!!!
  5. maybe is time to add for example a Vit Mant rune 30days like 10euros.... really w/o vitality all is useless, or u have to pay a HUGE amount of moneys to keep most of time...
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