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  1. Hello there. I am a healer 110 and I need costant party. I am free for daily in morning in this hour 9-12 am. Can I stay active until 14 pm but after I can't longer be active. For now I have prestige but I don't know what I will do after. I have middle gear Equipment and I have brooch BR Lev 1. Contact me on Halisa in game by mail
  2. sorry but google translate does not help me understand. I give an example for how I want to have my party. let's say that I have my main character with prestige pack. a normal monster drop if killed gives me 10k adena and with prestige 30k adena runes. if I add my iss without prestige and we kill this monster, in total I always take 30k of adena divided by 2 characters? if I add a third character without prestige (a mentee) what happens?
  3. Hello. With red libra even, can I change my dual class whit another path? If yes can you explain me how I must to do? I don't found info on internet/YouTube.
  4. https://www.lineage2.com/news/summer-hot-time-event
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