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  1. If you cant save 1 euro per month for your hobby close the forum and go to work.Damn son
  2. VIP status= Free log in VIP status tier 1= 80 n coins 400 n coins =5 euro 80 x 5 = 400 5 months free log in for 5 euros its not that hard i can afford it in greece and its not that big deal to maintain server. #SickAndTiredOfAllThisCryBabes
  3. Just consider that if we are talking about "classic" lineage 2 PK system was always pretty stable and critical matter in the game play
  4. We got info about Opening time (gmt) On octomber 3 rd??
  5. Any link where i can download the classic client for octomber 3 rd? cause i installed client from download and gets me on salvation with naia and cronos servers witha unch of kamael and erhtiea classes.......
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