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  1. Can u answer repsonsibly? Are u thinking of changing the rates or not? And if the answer is "YES, we think about it" give us a deadline for ur 100% decision and response.... Or maybe ur afraid of a dead server????
  2. Realise it.... You are doing a mistake.... I know u are an organisation and u are trying to make some money... But this is the wrong way... I wont say "fix" the rates. Rates are not broken. u chose that rates so that ppl need VIP to play. And u even think some things to support it ( 100% exp at 5 lvl lower mobs). cause u understand that with these rates ppl cant have gear to exp at their lvls. Many of us played x1 4game classic. it was difficult enough. there were already ppl stopping from server cause it was difficult but it was playable. 4game is P2P. there is a subscription. u opened a
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