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  1. Good day guys, in the last week, i see my toons and my friends and many others in game that they got Pked afk all the day. I also see that many people in world chat complain about the same either. I know many people have issues with covid-19, others are need psycho doctor and thats ok. People have issues in their life. Is there anything we can do to protect from farming ? Its frustrated to to go farm spot over and over and over all day. Is it something we can do about it ?
  2. Hey there, Can be an update to the manner system with a "Smart Manner" system that if a player have not enabled "Manner Mode" the next target of the mob to be the one that not others hitting (if any mob free in range). Thanks
  3. Is there a bug on the Sayha window indicator that hides itselfs automatically ? I minimize and reopen the game window and all the indicator windows on the right side are remain open but the sayha is closed automaticaly. Thanks
  4. No i mean to have only to ADEN. i have 2 character in 1 account on Aden. and 0 characters on another account on ADEN. Can i tranfer between ? Same Server (Elcadia) different accounts.
  5. Good day there. Is there a service character transfer between accounts on the same server? So i dont have to start the same character with another account. Thanks in advance.
  6. when i start the game i have the choice to purchase all passive skills. Light, Robe and Heavy. When i looked at the stats, the light had the highest stats at all. So i decided to go with that. It is not explain that the 90% stat is based after deducting ROBE STATS.
  7. The light armor mastery passive skill for Warcrier said it gives 90% more casting speed, mp recovery bonus + 20% and other stats more from robe and heavy. so i spent 10 milion adena to get zubei light and no stats are given. Sealed and unsealed again to Robe and casting speed is more that light that supposed to give 90% more casting speed. please fix it.
  8. That's why there are millions of prive servers. You pay a bit and you enjoy 100% of game content. Congratulations once more for killing the server. Maybe they want only the wales here, who knows.
  9. Sayha is the way to play. So maybe a premium pack with Sayha maintain would be wonderful or drop some sayha tornados from mobs maybe.
  10. Can you suggest what kind of dyes are good for farm and pvp for mystic muse @T0kyo
  11. lol that was fun. Can you tell a honest answer on how much "real money" need to stay on TOP per month ?
  12. A bit adjustment to adena drop rate and sayha free for everyone or at least a scroll or something Cheaper than today will make f2p sustainable. Donato will always be spenders for ++++items. Some of us loves the game for the game.
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