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  1. Just came back to Classic and its completely different from when I last played. I got to 40 chose my 2nd class now what do I do? Auto Hunt till end lvl? Are there any quests ? Do I need to lvl a bot army to buff me or am I screwed as a casual solo player.
  2. Awesome thnx - What about low lvl grouping ? Or will I pretty much be solo till lvl 80ish ?
  3. Pretty much Title - Hows the game doing? I havent played in years and wanted to know if its even possible to start a new char and get it to max or if everything is too B2P and without spending 1000s to get to high lvl and with suitable gear. Thanks!
  4. I like the current rates - as a dwarf with a decent spoil I now like playing him - But I hate how people are already 50+ in game.
  5. Aden now is Heavy and in a few more days prob going to have a que as well. Im freakign VIP 4 and am sitting in a 200 person que atm on TI
  6. Not for long im VIP 4 and stuck in 200 person que WTF
  7. I already answered this question in this thread. Go look at my other posts in other threads about this issue I want them gone and the mats from the Silver Coins as well. But you didnt see my answer in this thread because your heads so far up your own ass.
  8. Go back and look at my posts from a few days ago Ive been calling for SS to be removed also the mats from silver coins - so STFU and QQ moar
  9. Sadly its the time of Instant Gratification and Entitled crybabies - Cant work for anything now days just want everything free. Truly pathetic this much crying after 3 days.
  10. I know the games been out for 3 days and people alrdy lvl 30+ WHICH IS INSANE - Also not alot of weapons/armor in ciruclation give it some fking time so when more popel get drops/ RBs and more is in circulation the prices will drop etc.
  11. This is what happens when we live in the age of Instant gratification and Entitlements. Everyone thinks as soon as they are able to wear D and C they should be given the full set - use SS every hit - and not have to worry about Pots and SoE. STFU play the game and if you cant handle it becasue your a b*tch then leave
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