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  1. I like the current rates - as a dwarf with a decent spoil I now like playing him - But I hate how people are already 50+ in game.
  2. Aden now is Heavy and in a few more days prob going to have a que as well. Im freakign VIP 4 and am sitting in a 200 person que atm on TI
  3. VIP helps in queue?

    Not for long im VIP 4 and stuck in 200 person que WTF
  4. Please ignore the complaints!

    I already answered this question in this thread. Go look at my other posts in other threads about this issue I want them gone and the mats from the Silver Coins as well. But you didnt see my answer in this thread because your heads so far up your own ass.
  5. Please ignore the complaints!

    Then do your part and report them.
  6. Some drop rates are .0005....
  7. Please ignore the complaints!

    Go back and look at my posts from a few days ago Ive been calling for SS to be removed also the mats from silver coins - so STFU and QQ moar
  8. Dont let the door hit you on the way out!
  9. Please ignore the complaints!

    Sadly its the time of Instant Gratification and Entitled crybabies - Cant work for anything now days just want everything free. Truly pathetic this much crying after 3 days.
  10. Please ignore the complaints!

    I know the games been out for 3 days and people alrdy lvl 30+ WHICH IS INSANE - Also not alot of weapons/armor in ciruclation give it some fking time so when more popel get drops/ RBs and more is in circulation the prices will drop etc.
  11. This is what happens when we live in the age of Instant gratification and Entitlements. Everyone thinks as soon as they are able to wear D and C they should be given the full set - use SS every hit - and not have to worry about Pots and SoE. STFU play the game and if you cant handle it becasue your a b*tch then leave
  12. Stop the QQ and play the fking game.
  13. Please ignore the complaints!

    Just shows you ever played L2 Classic - Being lvl 20+ DOESNT MEAN YOU AUTOMATICALLY GET D GRADE - How about sitting here in the forums crying you actually go play the game - Also lvl 24 Wizard atm
  14. GMs thank you and the Dev department for this wonderful game! So happy to play Classic loving every step so far. To those complaining - " Wahhh I cant afford Pots or SS Wahh I want everything handed to me Wahhh", calm down. This is very easy compared to the REAL L2 classic where you MANUALLY selected your SS when to use it becasue you were all too poor to afford it. Where we had to run from TI to Gludin underwater through a bug becasue we couldn't afford the teleport costs. All of you who complain, do us all a favor and go back to Live server please we dont need them to dumb down the game for you. Just my 2 cents on the current state of this forum. [Title and post edited for language]
  15. How do we report these people in game ? The name was TrustedShop - who PMed me asking if I wanted to buy adena.