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  1. Chronos Castle seige

    first of all nobody wants you in any clan on chronos or naia. thats why you dont go siege, cuz you dont have anyone to play with.
  2. Chronos Castle seige

    just dont be hypocrite
  3. Chronos Castle seige

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miGBjO40PIo Oh i like this pvp also No dragon weapon vs valakas caster stage 2. Maybe Nova miss Peppinio. OH WAIT.
  4. Chronos Castle seige

    Drop war to pvp? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WHAT A JOKE. you guys talk about zerg and what was it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPurxx0v1Qo its was a legit pvp? hahahahahahahaha pfffffff ??? how many nova was in that fight against 7 ms? LMAO! YOU are a joke Mutchy just using lady serson forum acc.
  5. New player

    evas templar is the best for now btw...
  6. Feliz Navidad // Merry Christmas

    Merry xtimas daddyanke!!!
  7. Ms Easy

    LMAO HAHAHAHAHAHAH look at this guy!! even people from naia laughed at you.... you are a joke in chronos and now in naia too and next week in classic too lol trash sayha hahaha go to naia and zini will show you how to play, or stay in chronos and watch sykotix... she is really good... you lose oly, lose coc damn bud.. you already quit game?