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  1. And Draecke wins It's so obvious no one ever played on another server but chronos When the first sahya's talisman landed on innova eu the prices went to the roof ncwest style [well 1/4 of ncwest prices] players' response quit en masse on ramona -> ramona closed innova response sayha's talisman 2nd event 1/4 of the original price [normal ratio between eu and ru 4/1 2nd sayhas' talisman event ratio 2/1] It seems like some one learned from his mistakes. In here i bet the monthly fee will be no less than 100/150 $ x month vs 2/10 $ Imho everything,
  2. I was thinking. Ok i'm the ncwest l2 cm and i've to post something on the forums. It's something like this. Hello i'm on holiday in vegas. This evening i will log in to ban omen and pleist + you will have the enchant ancients cloack new event (it's new because now everyone will be able to get a + 3 100% but noone will get a +4 100%). Then i will be on holiday untill 24 on december. On august we should have the orfen update but we are 2 busy with the chicks in vegas. You could log in on innova to try orfen but our version will be different (we have to wait for laby's
  3. Although I agree with 50% of what you wrote I want to make a point crystal clear. We all live in a worldwide market. Eg. I wanted to buy an otterbox case for my smartphone. In my country it costs 150 € in usa 18 $ guess what i did Whith the shipping i've paid for it 36 € saving more than 100 €. And it was a single purchase. Multiply this for every purchase you do in here. Unless he's gone totally crazy even a billionare looks at the 100s he's spending. None of the ppl who are playing in here do have a bound. The bound it's in their brain. They can try for free to see i
  4. Yes indeed, i bet you're the weapon appearance scroll's market king. As for the rest. 14th november 2018. Everyone on earth will be able to pvp with everyone else on the earth with 60 $. To do a gludio quest you will need 3.000 $ and it's a lvl 100 quest not a lvl 110 quest. I play on l2 ru but my cp logs in in the late evening 21 gmt +2 In the early morning i have 1 maybe 2 hours of spare time. Go figure it out where i log in to make some great laughs
  5. The real problem is in the brain. I know it because even i did the same. The brain says how can it be i was scammed, badly but really baddly, for so long? I, you, we were scammed badly for so long because we WANTED to be blind. The power purchase in a single country it's always the same. If you can buy for 1 your house will cost 1 x 100.000 in each country. What it matters it's the power your country money has vs other country money. £ was always stronger than $ and now € it's stronger than $ an usa $ it's stronger than a canadian $, but the power to buy it's the same, it c
  6. It's simple. Ppl in here won't never be able to catch up, pvp speaking, with the top dogs because of - gear - the insane amount of real money that gear does cost. With mammon you can get everything ingame but it takes ages. In here a newbie or a returning player won't be never ever be able to join a top cp or clan because he will have to wait decades, maybe in 2500 it would be possible, to ncwest to show up with the promo he needs (eg. shirts). On innova none of these problems do exist. You log in and you can get everything now and not in 2500. As for the lvl you
  7. Sorry Draecke there's a misunderstanding. You have posted so many times in here you are on the point of giving up here i supposed it was a common knowledge. There are too many misunderstandings about innova. First you have to see ru as a thing and eu as another thing. The only difference it's about the price lower in russia. As for the rest the game it's the same (not the l2 ncwest you know) the l2 store items are the same. I do repeat myself for the last time you can't compare ncwest to innova. On innova every item which was on a past event it's on the l2 store, circl
  8. Lol Draecke is on the point of giving up after 14 years in there you can't slap him in the face like that Oh well. With PA you can exp while afk for 10 hours x day [no afk macroing but just training camp] that's why I was talking about ruskies exping for 72 hours non stop In here it's a miracle you don't get dc/ed after 12 hours. I can be banned because of this but ncwest it's too rewarding because it allows the players to log in 3 accounts for free. Bele we are still comparing a company with some one else who's trying to scam its customers since 2008. Ofc a server bonus of
  9. First I do repeat you can't compare ru innova with ncwest. To get that gear you need 1/10000 of what truffle spent in here Secondly don't be surprised if they play 72h non stop. Yeah they can go totally drunk after the first 24h but still they are playing. Third it's strange he didn't ask to downgrade the anthy bow from 3 to 2 To bele it wasn't an off topic. The topic was about fafurion update then derailed to how can it be ru has got orfen updtate before us (ncwest private server with an overcharge price of 2000% on everything) and i wrote because in ru it's a populare g
  10. I have to admit one thing. We used a logical approach to the whole thing, economically speaking, so ncwest actions didn't appear to have any reason behind them, or if we want to say in another way it seemed like that the one who was handling the steering wheel in ncwest hq was high on drugs. That's because we used the wrong approach, the customers' one. From ncwest point of wiev l2 it's a videogame made to entartain people. In the past years l2 from a normal videogame turned to be a virtual online slot machine (or a virtual casino) and the profits went high to the roof. If we us
  11. Bele fact is you go into a bar without showing your id it's 5 bucks worlwide now if i go in a ghetto slum maybe it's 20 cents but it ain't a beer in any country. The point is the cost for a virtual good it's one worldwide some software company scams its customers saying that there are different economic conditions in different countries Also we have to take into account two more things. 1st the prices are taken from ny (most expensive town in the world where a 4 x 4 square apartment rent it's 1.000 $ x month) as for usa 2nd the prices are taken from mosk
  12. Sorry Draecke i've seen it only because omen was referring to something without specifying it, as usual. Imho to know how much a beer in worth in russia you can't ask to a korean vegas slot machine fan who's living in california (USA) Here is what russian write on beer price in russia Next time if you want to know how much a thing does cost in russia don't trust koreans dudes who do trips in vegas daily tldr uk a beer in a bar it's 5 $ usa a beer in a bar it's 5 $ russia a beer in a bar it's 5 $ i don't know how much a beer in worth in naia aden though
  13. As Draecke pointed out in january 2018 this already happened in japan Castle sieges = 14 ppl full geared jumping from one castle to another trying to pvp each other on the map Imho only a couple of ppl will try to committ suicide. You can identify them by the number of tickets they sent to support (or they asked Epii to send to the support) in 1 hour (the same number of tickers a normal clan sends in its entire l2 existence)
  14. Honestly I don't understand. It depends on the subject I we are talking about Peppinio I give some numbers eg. (i bet you can find the topic by yourself) dudot "pep's toon is worth like my whole cp" = ozzy (20k $ only for the slasher) and f2pr (12 to 15k only for the lindv bow stage 1) lets say 100 to 150k $ (probably 250k $) If we have to talk about the ertheia emo barbie we have to multiply those 100 to 150k $ x 2 or x 3 (so 300k or 500 to 750k in $ and they aren't canadian $ nor australian $ but USA $). If you spend so much for a plummer it's obvious you will consider th
  15. This it isn't correct. If you don't log in within 30 days compared to the last time you've logged in you are considered an "inactive player" and you can't post in here. I'm posting in here so. About the BS numbers we have 2 options n. 1 the soft one I can log in and pm all to know how much on $ did you spend for something and post the ss n. 2 the hard one you can pm dudot to ask how much he thinks some one else gear is worth (i've strongly underestimated it).
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