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  1. And the next p2w event is ? 3.14.2018

    Well if you see only the video i've linked it's difficult to understand. Original topic https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/656267/ Attack from the north https://youtu.be/B9gSXsWIgfw Attack from the south https://youtu.be/Ulg6NpFpkVY It was like pep is attacking from the north with the caster lvl 2 all to cover that side But the real threat was in the south with vndragon bow lvl 2 Result all wiped out They should try this one with Aizen Btw Aizen's new avatar About the prices i don't get why someone wants to pay 4x the price ... really. Edit: note those guys don't have elm cloack nor circlets and hit like a 50 ton truck. I'm playing classic atm and i'm stucked in the scavenger quest with toma who's constantly teleporting himself damn I've never enjoyed l2 so much since 2006
  2. As you have noticed prepaid visas are quite expensive but can do the job. Don't use normal visas. NCWest doesn't apply the 3d secure protocol so everyone can punch in your codes.
  3. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Look at what I wrote. Lmao. Well technically speaking a flash sale isn't an event. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Btw ncwest jewel boxes usually 150=220$ 600=880$ 4gmes jewel boxes usually 200=90€=100$ 600=300$ All in all you are paying like 3 times what eu dudes are paying. Don't say that to me helv. No cloak no aghations no circlets in here
  4. What boxes ? Edit: i'm travelling for work and on my ladtop i have only 4game classic installed They did a flash sale ?
  5. And the next p2w event is ? 3.14.2018

    They didn't do anything to counter it because they were attacked from both sides with dw stage 2. So a complete wipe out in 30 seconds. I was expecting a flash sale on ncwest this week. 4game event isn't that bad since they have introduced the ? jewelry box you open it and you can get lvl 1 to lvl 5 jewels. For sure the sayha one is the most expensive. With 35 lvl 1 you can obtain a lvl 5, barely. The prob is that you need a lvl 10 tali
  6. Dedicated to my friend Xspawn

    Hi martins bro. I made the same question over and over. I assume, at this point, that's an open secret how they get those untradable shirts 7+ About wallabi without top gear I may be wrong but he was caught while he was trying to sell a +18 elm ancient cloak for real money. Btw former RS member vs former RS nab clan leader. Wait lend me some popcorn martins
  7. Dedicated to my friend Xspawn

    I don't have a dog in this fight ... well I can't help myself It seems to me that pep killed them all but lio, then they got ressed and foozie killed them all again just for fun. To Dust nice work m8. I still prefer mr Dudot but you're getting professional out there. Gf all
  8. Valakas dagger stage 2 POV

    Since i won't return at home be4 1st on april a friend of mine made a joke. Sorry spawn.
  9. Valakas dagger stage 2 POV

    Well it was too good to be true Hey Draecke could you please explain to those kids how a pvp should look like ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6A8JhN22ag Good old times are gone ... sadly
  10. Valakas dagger stage 2 POV

    Hey spawn I heard a story but I don't know if it's true or not. You can confirm that or not. Long story short AiZeN applied, again, for nova and nova decided to move to naia. Is it true? If yes LOL Sorry but i'm not at home and I can't check by myself.
  11. Well omen i haven't seen what happened but to me is like missula was locked at you like all the toons are in following mode + lag So many times i'm trying to exp 3 toons in one go. Sometimes in bloody swamp when i rotate the camera two toons are right behind my main yul who's killing mobs. Then ops both of them dead since they were like 100 mts behind. I do repeat I wasn't there but what you described reminded to me of lag.
  12. Stucked in the Sanctum of The Dawn

    It isn't a stucked toon problem. It's a time problem. When you do the 7s quest you are required to transform into a guard and to do things. The transformation lasts 10 minutes. All you have to do is to wait. After the 10 minutes you will be ported out in your natural form. Eventually it's a p2w problem aka i paid so i want it in 1 sec. Give it to me right now. We're lost Yidao. There's a whole new generation of l2 players
  13. No flash sale either? This time I will try to be constructive. Sorry Conguero but I need a clarification about the hero coins I have collected untill 2017. I haven't already spent them all but when it comes to purchase packs to obtain hero coins those coins are account related when it comes to spend those hero coins they are server related The question is why have I to pay to ncwest 50 $ to use items i've already paid for? Thank you.
  14. And the next p2w event is ? 3.14.2018

    Mmmmh well I think Yidao is right on one point. NCWest wants a lot of money right now like they already know when the shutting down time there will be. Decreasing player base curve x time? Imho they need something all the players need to have to remain competitive like cloaks, agathions and circlets. Dragon weapons ? nope only the top dogs want them Fragola's clue https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/653572/ What a dragon gun stage 2 can really do in an open pvp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ulg6NpFpkVY&feature=youtu.be It has to be said that if someone manages to get his hands on a dragon weapon fragment and does play it well he can be istantly in end game gear but without a dw. I bet omen wants one of this to oneshot all dh in one go Dinato sets - aka improved r99 armors ? http://boards.rochand.com/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=1547&start=260 Nope to me. They are related to stones. For sure all the players want them but the only way to get them without beeing in the server's top clan is to put stones in the l2store like they did with ge and eod for an outrageous amount of money. And those are only lvl 1 sets since they can be improved to lvl 6. The only two events that will ensure a real must have item are - improved brooches (everyone needs to spend at least 500$ - 330 powders: 75 boxesx9000:8000) - Fragola's clue https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/649371/ - sayha's talisman (everyone needs to spend at least 1000$) - Fragola's clue https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/655325/ Important: disclaimer. All the infos are related to another ncsoft l2 official server where all items are tradable. NCWest doesn't know what tradable is.
  15. Recknovatio wins Dimensional Siege!

    https://i.imgur.com/4LnEwfX.jpg You forgot to put in the wh those 2 agathions. Who's the liar? Are you sure that if i search all of your posts i won't find any ancient cloak on your toon? https://wikidiff.com/application/appliance For what i care you can pm em asap. Buf first ask to temperance. Everyone wants her in. No one wants you in. If you want to have the last word in this trash topic here you are.