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  1. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 16, 2018

    Inappropriate language removed Ie if you do live in na a beer is 5 $ if you do live in eu a beer is 5 € if you do live in ru a beer in 5 ru if you do live in neutron or conguero world a beer is 5000 of everything That's the truth.
  2. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 16, 2018

    Oh i forgot to say that bagel costs so much because of a secret ingredient. Guess what? white TRUFFLE
  3. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 16, 2018

    It's worst than you could imagine chichele. The main bulk of this mad community is made by greek players. So they have to explain to me this https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2016/business/international/greece-debt-crisis-euro.html How is it possible that a greek player, the poorest compared to a normal eu gamer, can afford to play in here, the most expensive l2 official server ever?
  4. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 16, 2018

    Agreed with both Rodah and Draecke. You know what? I'm impressed. I'm out of here and I can't believe I was part of this madness untill 1 week ago. It's like everyone can buy a bagel for $ 1 everywhere but the usual crowd is willingly spending $ 1.000 for that very bagel S 1.000,00 Bagel That bagel does cost so much because they are raising funds for a charity soup kitchen. The only charity I can see in here is to raise funds for neutron's and conguero's vegas trips.
  5. Chronos Siege - Winter is Coming?

    TheWatcher. I suggest to you to read more carefully what our "friend" wrote in every topic. He's already in with an alt so he can get ss of every nova cc. I'm in ru now so this became your problem. Btw i really don't understand one thing. How a cheater like aizen manages to get other players banned but he wasn't never banned. Mistery? Drama? NCWest collusion? It's your problem from now on.
  6. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 16, 2018

    I've just dodged a bullet in front of my head. I told to marw to stop because someone was stealing his ideas but no .. so this is all marw's fault Btw the rare is +12% max CP Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnd it seems legit to me 150 boxes = 150 $ 100 boxes = 300 $ + For the spirit stones you have to purchase another pack. So all in all player base request lower the prices - ncwest response we will raise the prices, as usual. After this the sahya's talisman and all the p2w crap that's just around the corner already coded. + korean random luck to get a jewel to 5 and the jewels of the god are incoming. With the money i gained cashing out (hello aizen :)) i can afford 6 toons lvl 105 with dragon weapons on ru. Mass quit on the horizon. Have fun.
  7. For what i can say and what i see, and i'm talking about a dude who streamed every second on l2 new ru official server, it's just korean random. It's like a baseball player who has a stat of 350 but he's striked out in 350 games. So that 350 means 0. You all are forgetting one thing. After every attempt in enchanting or compounding the stats are resetted so that 30% 20% you put the numbers means 0. What Neutron said is we know the stats but they mean just 0. You can get lucky (stats are respected with all the odds) or unlucky (that stats means 0). That dude on the cheapest l2 official server spent almost 200.000 us $ just to get the gear many top dogs wear in here but the dragon weapon. Accordingly to the l2 official prices in ru (based on what a normal dude earns x month as a salary + how much a normal house is worth) a normal house in eu should be worth, accordingly to the one who puts the price in the l2 store, 450.000.000.000 € and i should earn 15.000.000 € x month (15 millions euro x month). I though starco was mad, btw he owns a dragon bow stage 3 on ru for the ones who are interested, but some one in here is far away from the madness limit. The only way to play in here is to have unlimited money on the wallet. And i don't have. Going to play on l2 official ru. Farewell.
  8. 1st Stage 3 Weapon

    Gratz to Pep but I can't get the point. Correct me if I am wrong. Many in nova told him not to do it right now. He said to spawn that the very moment he will have the stage 3 he will quit, or just in a month. So is this a race to who quits faster? Btw this is L2 right now. To me conguero can remove the graphic and let the wallets fight for what they are. Eg. new ru l2 server Hatos, 1st week total spent 700.000 ru or 11.500 us $ x 3 (difference between ru an core) x 5 (difference between core and ncwest) = 172.500 us $ in the first week and he doesn't even own a dragon weapon. So Draecke can get a clue of what we are talking about. https://youtu.be/JDiImweIKQs Gratz but to me you both are mad.
  9. Hello Neutron. Althought the compound rate may work as you said the dimensional warp imps don't. Simply they are on a different floor compared to the player. There are several tickets sent by missula almost two months ago. For reference https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/1071-dimensional-warp/?tab=comments#comment-7842 We all hope you will be able to fix it soon. To Degus you were, and are, one of the few MS with whom whoever can talk about anything. I feel it.
  10. Lineage II - May Preview

    In this very moment i would like to be ExeQtor. To marw I hope not because that would mean 500 $ just to get the powder for the rare one and i'm still with that freaking pearl lvl 3
  11. THE GODS!!

    Ty. Conguero can check faster all the accounts connected to your ip and where they are coming from alongside all the gear bounded to them. Have a nice day.
  12. THE GODS!!

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnd the fish is in. Look i know you never grinded the toons you bought. Hint low right corner exit create a character lvl 1 press start login in one of the 3 servers. I know it may seem impossible to one who bought all the toons 100 with all the gear on them but no one, except you, did that. Just to show to all who is obsessed. Still waiting for nuky's account check by a gm. And from where aizen account is coming. Feel free to check mine. Bye liar.
  13. Naia's Future

    Tbh they are just rusty at pvp. I bet the one doing the black swan in the middle of a pvp is vn. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAOynXrpPW0 They need to abandon their personal grudge on rollo (permafloor) and train. I'm noticing everyone wants dh on another server
  14. No bele. This is a misunderstanding. I hate only Aizen My words were referred to part of the press. As I said before it's a lot complicated than that. First of all all the bills are referring to a certain age limit 18 or 21. So you will need to fill an appliance with your own real id, ensurance number etc [no aizen anymore] Secondly it's all related to this https://www.reuters.com/article/us-eu-tax-digital-france/france-germany-want-progress-on-taxing-tech-giants-idUSKBN1FR29K or web tax. Imho ncwest won't give 3% of its year revenue to eu. It's not a matter of banning but a matter of stopping file publishing in eu. And it's a lot more complicated than what I wrote + trust me it requires 2 to 4 days to access to an us bill. I'm sure there are others just give me the time to find em out.
  15. THE GODS!!

    Check it better liar. I said I refused to log in to help ms in dim. It's hard to miss me if someone wants to check it out. I'm on naia now but i can't see any nova. P.s. 2nd lie nova on naia. The only thing aizen is able to do as a pro is to lie. Waiting for the nuky's account check. Bye liar.