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  1. lots of euros on Chronos too...guess i can kiss my dailies goodbye
  2. 55 !!! minutes to log in ...WOW...my buffer is even more lucky ..."only 324" ppl in queue
  3. 35 min later..147 ppl/bots in queue. greedy chests and oly-bots are a real bloody problem. and i wonder how many will be in queue when i try to log my buffer afterwards...lets just forget about the healer...apparently this is what you get if you follow the rules and only own 3 chars...you have to pay for the A..holes that have so many chars that i can't even understand how the hell they get to log all of them.
  4. I think there is something really wrong if you wanna try log on and there is a queue of 303 ppl/bots stopping you from enjoying this game like i've done for almost 17 years. Is there any way to get this sorted out?
  5. so far so good...gameplay seems back to how it should be. if it stays like this i might activate prestige again.
  6. Economic pressure from me ..and i hope alot will follow.Just stopped my subscriptions because this game is not fun anymore, it is UNPLAYABLE! If i was a plumber and i wouldn't fix a leak within 1,5 years i bet i would have been fired ages ago and never got a job again. I know nothing about running a game but i do know a thing or 2 about doing my job (close to perfection i might add) Start doing your jobs plz!
  7. I'VE HAD IT WITH THIS SHIT!!! Been a paying customer for most of 17 years and now i'm gonna stop untill you fix the game and make it playable again. Lag everywhere/restarts all the time/loosing items because of it...FIX your GAME!!
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