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  1. Moment i realized the best solution for this is quiting... thanks for your try with classic... maybe some privates will do better.... cya...
  2. XP/SP scroll time from Chronicle pack ticking while you "do the talk with devs" ...
  3. How incredibly stupid management and game planing you have if you wrote this: The monster re-spawn rate will increase in the low-level hunting zones. like 5 days after lunch? Man you are like blind who selecting porn .... That was supposed to be done "ON RELEASE" .... but i understand how you do bussiness... since mobs spawn is the MAIN problem .... like you dont give a damn about peoples that paid for 30 days XP pack and all we can do now is wait "time ticking on scrolls" And after all you wrote ADENA drop rate.. like its only problem in this game....How about spoil? Swee
  4. This is like right hand dont know what left one do.... "under review with the appropriate teams" << this was supposed to be done before sharp start ....
  5. While i played i used this as a spoil ... but since spoil is broken im off https://l2wiki.com/classic/Prowler
  6. +1 ... at this moment im off already.... claiming at PayPal refund at this time ... official answer will make my decision to go back or not....
  7. What concern me the most is ... since i work at local webservices and online advertisement i cannot even think about the situation like this in "we starting new service on wednesday ... failing to start it, so for most of the people is service online at thursday.... letting it be and quickly on friday do some "spiritshot" fix and than go home" like ... you start service that cost money and dont give a single damn to react on weekend? Like a really? That craptalking like "let them have weekend" is absolutelly unapropriate.... They started service they are mostly paid for and go home .... no rea
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