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  1. Yes I also agree, the event should close after all the itmes are gone , ore after 4 H, if the event has a limit itmes count all itmes should be given if the players have enough keys.
  2. All the itmes run-out, when there where no more items they closed it.
  3. So this box does not give 1B? I have not opened them . 1 Billion Adena Pack It was strange big prize 5 B , and 2 stars 1 B , but this is what the description says , also adena in box? Now people will sell 1B box for 500 mil
  4. No problem, just make 1 bow that shoot with adena instead of arrows.
  5. Ok ty , no problem, I have changed my crit. Rate to crit. Dmg. Good luck on enchanting +24! , I tried but I did not get to far so I changed strategy and started to sell the enchants, I will try again on the next event.
  6. Yes I also noticed the equip +5 shirt does not move, so maby enchanting a dragon shirt it does the standard removal of the one equipped one and put it back, but I think it does that afther the enchant fails so it doesn't efect the success rate.
  7. This is how the events work, you make money in 1 event and then you spend them for 1 item you want, and when the next event comes you do not have any money left so you have to buy NCOINS for the next item, I always try to save some money for the next event. Some people know what is the next event so they can control the market this way.
  8. If you need vitality tonic, storm scroll cocktails and 1 silenite ore 2, go for it, you need 10 000 to 100 000 box for somthing good, or the value of the item you want in boxe number.
  9. Well a lot of people in the game where asking if it is permanent, this also make people buy this items on a bigger price if they think it is permenent, it is only a timed +5% item not really imported. If you did not understand it gives 5% ( 2% +3%) maby you did not see the expiration date. When you register a weapon or armor in colection you do not get the atribute of the item, you only get what the description in the colection says.
  10. Mitzza

    Feel Invincible

    This is how players see each other? 50k player , 10k player , 80k player? :)) the word of L2 K
  11. It is also time limited, it will end , check the detaliied info.
  12. I agree, if you can not make progress in the game, just change the game. Evaluate your time, energy and money spent on the the game, and you see what progress you made in game considering that some people have 4 mil p.atak and 1 mil p.def, and if the progress is to small the game does not worth the time, next game, there is only one life but there are a lots of good games . I will borrow 2 words from S , the game is made to sink money form rich people.
  13. But it is Great, a Great pain.
  14. All Mysterious Dragon Slayer weapons need to be enchanted to at least +7 and a maximum of +24 to be exchanged for its reward. It does not exist on live server , you can enchant to +24, and Aegis is for +25, also some items have in description ( the items can be bought from enishad shop) 25 Bloodthirsty Aegis Weapon Coupon Your choice of 1 Bloodthirsty Aegis Weapon. Please contact CS to make the It is a mistake probably from other server.
  15. Hi, did you have time to test if skill crit rate helps? Ty
  16. I am afraid even if they say the rates (that is not going to happen) it will not help even for 50% success rate you can still fail a lot.
  17. I reduced the number of clan members to 14, I always had war with some strange clan that I did not even fund members logged in the server. People ar probably making clans and selling them, I see a lot of announcements on hero chat "buying clan"
  18. I am in for bringing back quests, random quests/ faction, also option to choose your reward depending what you need. This boxes opening , instance/ colection needs some refreshing with somthing new, they are .......Olympics box opening you can click to open or macro opening ........life is just like a box of chocolates you never know what you get.... well you are not getting smart that is for sure .
  19. Ok, ty this helps me from wasting money on P.Skill critical rate.
  20. I was thinking that dagger works like this: P. Critical dmg. Adds to + P.Skill ( p.criti. dmg increases p.skil dmg) P.Skill = x dmg P.Skill critical dmg = 2x ore 3x dmg.. There for we have P.Skill critical rate for the 2x ore 3x dmg So I invested also in P.Skill critical rate Is it work like this ?
  21. Well all you need is love to farm with archer .
  22. You have prestige? If someone from party doesn't have , then it affects all party members.
  23. 102 Elyum , ~ 900 gem R grade and 8.9 B adena , Head Blacksmith npc
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