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  1. jesus christ we can see who came from illegal servers
  2. Lineage 2 prelude

    back in the day we had like 12 servers if im not mistaken, regardless there were alot more servers so the population was spread out decently
  3. Any fixes for the Error on our end error when logging into the l2 site? everything ive seen like changing time zone and whatnot isnt working, figured id ask here b4 putting in a ticket i can log into the game just fine but cant log into the account on the website
  4. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    cool story buy something and u wont have a queue problem solved stop crying
  5. I'm done with Classic.

    lol ya $240 is totally maxing me out ahhhhhh dude youre a cry baby just leave tthe game is better without you
  6. I'm done with Classic.

    only $70'? weak
  7. QQ get to a real country like canada or usa
  8. pns

  9. pns

    Uh Hi Yes, I'd like to have patch notes for 1000 Pat.
  10. seems dumb af you should just not be speds and be good at the game
  11. Souls Shots in store gotta go

    im super cool with the ss in the store get fcked on plebs