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  1. Aden talisman is locked.

    @Edd I tried 20 talismans, only two went up to +5 and only one went up to +6 which I also crystallized when attempting to make it +7.
  2. @Juji Hey Juji! Are you sure Talisman's were not intended to be for sale individually? I mean... What I'm gonna' do with all this Enchant Scrolls? https://i.imgur.com/RTqI3Eb.png (113 Enchant Scrolls screenshot)
  3. Can the community get the read-only legacy site files to upload them somewhere else for history purposes? Wayback is not 100% complete.
  4. Open up a ticket with support, they will help you as they did with me, full transfer of the pack even when it was opened and most of the consumables used. Be aware they will delete your old characters and put the pack in your new character at Aden.
  5. I identify myself with this comment.
  6. No he tenido problemas hasta ahora, las respuestas siempre son para solucionarme el ticket. Y si, se entiende el bug de la cola, no hay excusa, esperemos que se arregle en la mantención de ahora.
  7. VIP Level Degrading

    Chronicle Pack, Journey Pack and 8400 NCoins for my main account so far. 400 NCoins for my dualbox. 400 NCoins for my girlfriend's account. Do the math.
  8. Pues es simple, si no pagas lo suficiente no juegas en esos servidores, por lo menos hasta que disminuya la cantidad de jugadores. Si alguien paga es obvio que va a esperar privilegios. Y lo encuentro raro que digas que se demoren semanas de soporte, yo abro un ticket y se demoran entre 24 a 32 horas aproximadamente en responderme, nunca me han respondido pasado de dos días.
  9. De hecho aunque seas VIP se recomienda jugar en Aden, estan demasiado infestados los otros servidores. Si ya pagaste por algo con NCoins en los otros servidores, o te compraste algún early pack, puedes pedir que te los transfieran a un personaje que tengas en Aden, eso si los personajes del otro servidor serán borados, puedes pedirlo en soporte. Acá te dejo un Discord del servidor Aden el cual tiene una sección en Español y ya son varios los activos. https://discord.gg/SYjzBw
  10. VIP Level Degrading

    This is as far as I got right now, anyone else in here higher to confirm?
  11. Hey, how do you open multiple instances of wtfast? Or by just launching the first client through wtfast the others will also connect through it?
  12. Looking for Spanish speakers in Aden

    Come join us at the Aden Discord, we have a Spanish section. Ven al Discord de Aden, tenemos una sección en Español. https://discord.gg/HSxduS
  13. Delay to answer ticket

    Do not bump your tickets mate, I usually get an answer within 24 hours, around 30 hours at max.
  14. New Lineage II Classic Server: Aden

    Senior GM Wraith, it was also pretty obvious that his answer was not generic and he took his time to fully read the request.
  15. New Lineage II Classic Server: Aden

    Hey! Just to let you know Support was able to do it, my Journey Pack and Chronicle Pack items and 11186 VIP Points were transferred to my new character in Aden and the old character was deleted. Thanks!