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  1. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    Good morning! Like I said in a previous comment....problem was solved temporary itself by mistake ...now same problem. Quoting some of your words, "for now, we are not able anymore to log". Let's go back to vpn's and other temporary solutions because NC West & co can't keep a server running properly. I feel sad when friends of mine want to reccomend me illegal servers with better/quicker technical support as example.
  2. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    Something tell me that you wait to repair itself...else sys admin team from you and/or datacenter would be jobless since 2 days ago and I would reverse server settings before maintenance. Even that is free to play, a lot of people paid for vip, rune, etc and can't get advantage of them. Bassically we payed for a service that we can't use it. And btw, comunication is much worse since Juji is not posting anymore. I have to say that I came back because HE came back and I had expectations to see again a good comunication. PS.: Delete this post from Live servers forum.
  3. Can't get past server selection

    Almost 2 days since problem was reported and people still struggling to log on Giran server without "custom" solutions. If you guys don't afford to pay a good data center with good ISP's, just tell us. All this period without any solution or any message about status make us to see it as incompetence of NCwest.
  4. Just tried to log thru a vpn and worked....now lat's see latency from uk to american vpn and then l2 server.
  5. Ok....now we got a new "feature" and I can't pass the server selection and after few seconds I get: https://gyazo.com/7d617c6915bc1af3a06b52bf45166205 I did pc restart, no change. I was logged today after maintenance but now doesn't work anymore. Any suggestions?
  6. Hi! Today I wanted to buy some shots with a character were I had some adena and send them mail on another and I had the surprise to see that could't be seen. Ok, I read the description and saw that can't be sold, traded...etc but I couldn't believe that can't be sold back to grocery to get some adena back. Also, I tried to transfer them thru Dimensional Merchant but shots aren't visible for trade there too. It's 1st time in last 11 years of lineage 2 when I see this problem. Is it normal to work like this??? They are very expensive shots and as a "feature" now can't be even traded/mailed/sold back to NPC??? @Hime is it normal to work like this??? Which Other items from grocery are untradeable??? @Juji do you remember in your L2 history when beast shots couldn't be untradeable or unable to sell it back to npc? OffTopic: @Juji was kicked from team already?? Seems he dissapeared from Discord and lately didn't saw anything on forum.
  7. Any Christmas promo pack with 30 day XP/SP rune included? Why you don't say anything about L2Store updates??? You insert them on maintenance anyway.
  8. Tell him to contact support, is the only way to fix it.
  9. Why was this an emergency? I heard about 1 hour before maintenance, was not a public info, some took advantage of this and now is fixed...naiz....
  10. Chronicle Pack

    maybe will come something similar due to haloween incoming...
  11. I played classic 1.5 when was lauched on EU and here adena is greatly decreased than normal. Like a comparison, on EU our full cp could buy shots NG from store and also we could buy some best NG weapons in our cp. Now, we are lvl 24+ and all 9 ppl toghether can't buy a best NG weapon from shop and we bought shots only from store. So, when Juji said that we will get some drop setting modified for better experience he was thinking for publisher side and not for player. Anyway, I could say also that item drop is decreased too compared to 1.5 EU version but let's just say that maybe we had a lot of bad luck till now. I would like to hear more from @Juji about those drops/world changes.
  12. I will play on Giran from UK. PS. Salut @beleaua si @KABAL
  13. @Juji @Hime will be any public database to see droplist, mobs location, quest, drop rate...etc???
  14. I just saw now on other topic that I will need to spend 1600 nc coins to get lvl 4. Thx for info!
  15. Will we get vip 3 full bar @Juji with those scrolls???