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  1. Hi! I see that a lot of informations missing, wrong or incomplete on l2wiki's of Innova. @Juji and @Hime is there any chance to have a updated wiki for this version of classic servers? Can also tell me which is the maximum plus limit for DYES? Also, can you tell me if SSC/BSSC recipes still dropping and which mobs drop them? Also, if I remember well...on old system any PK chars couldn't use teleport because npc's don't speak with them...should't be the same with new teleport system? Nowadays you can see a lot of brave pk summoners and when you hit them, they just dissapear due to th
  2. I think NC Soft lost the main effect of this event. That thing with top OP weapons was a bad idea but the XP thing was really good. Every lazy people or company will choose the easiest way to solve a problem but the right solution was to leave Fifteen and Fioti npcs and restart Fioti's rewards at 11.00 and 20.00. Basically to work as Angel Cat but with 2 resets / day but to give the xp reward once/account after every reset. This thing is a flexible solution and would fit to everyone to get the xp rewards.
  3. If you have a twitter account, you can follow/tweet @Hime on https://twitter.com/OMGHime and @Juji on https://twitter.com/JasonLieberman . Also, you can check their following list and you can find other NC Soft / NC West staff. Maybe you have more chances to get an answer there.
  4. Well, they filterred their Visa customers and they don't care about others anymore. From time to time they will ban few bots but not too many to not affect simulated server population. Probably, Nc West saw that the Visa customers have "potential" and it's enough to keep server open for them with bots and "rookies" included.
  5. Not true! They could say this from server launch stream but they avoided to provide such info because they knew what people want and more that that @Juji insisted to tell us that in store are only xp items, shots and cosmetics. He said "it's a different type project" but this model of free2play with p2w items is not new.
  6. Maybe I'm paranoic but ussualy email change when the user behind account change....real @Hime kicked out or that email adress could send people straight to your real social networks profile? Why now YOU and @Juji don't make an live stream like you did on server launch to answer honest to our questions? Why don't you have and payback system for the people that you betrayed?
  7. well...seems that they decided to destroy everything was nice in this game. for me was last lesson...I will try again when a new publisher will have a different business plan than nc west or innova.
  8. Everytime they open mouth, they lie to us, They said that max level will be 70, now people lvl 77. They modified the drop rate and spoil rate according to "free to play version scheme" because wasn't hard enough. Now they add pay to win events becasue anyway they got enought money on server lauch, more then they were ever dreamed and don't care about game comunity. I payed on this "free to play" version for shots, runes, xp scrolls and other items a lot more than I ever paied on a monthly subscription version. Do you wanna see how comunity feel? See here: https:
  9. I would remind them WHY a ot of people playing here: https://youtu.be/flieQ0TnFY8?t=346 I was betrayed by NCWEST twice: 1st time was when they had licence for Euro servers and was "pay 2 play" and they they installed "free to play" without being asked if I want that after all those years of playing and paying or to convert all my money spent in NC Coins. Now is 2nd time with this "pay to win" event and I think that all players should consider to refund all the invested money because they traped us with a "story" and now they wanna rob us official. From all the problems with wh
  10. How can I know if registration was successfull or I already registered an account? I get some kind of error that say I am not eligible because character wasn't created before february 2011 butthe account was created on server start.
  11. Good morning! Like I said in a previous comment....problem was solved temporary itself by mistake ...now same problem. Quoting some of your words, "for now, we are not able anymore to log". Let's go back to vpn's and other temporary solutions because NC West & co can't keep a server running properly. I feel sad when friends of mine want to reccomend me illegal servers with better/quicker technical support as example.
  12. Something tell me that you wait to repair itself...else sys admin team from you and/or datacenter would be jobless since 2 days ago and I would reverse server settings before maintenance. Even that is free to play, a lot of people paid for vip, rune, etc and can't get advantage of them. Bassically we payed for a service that we can't use it. And btw, comunication is much worse since Juji is not posting anymore. I have to say that I came back because HE came back and I had expectations to see again a good comunication. PS.: Delete this post from Live servers forum.
  13. Almost 2 days since problem was reported and people still struggling to log on Giran server without "custom" solutions. If you guys don't afford to pay a good data center with good ISP's, just tell us. All this period without any solution or any message about status make us to see it as incompetence of NCwest.
  14. Just tried to log thru a vpn and worked....now lat's see latency from uk to american vpn and then l2 server.
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