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  1. Was about to quit the whole thing and i spent my 2kk on making candy out of 20 chances i got 2x fancy basket 7x candy basket and 11x sweet grace. From the 2 Fancy 1 was a box of a lvl 4 opal (i know only for pvp its good but still better than nothing) and the other gave 9 scrolls of boost attack. Not sure if lvl 4 opal is a great profit yet. Will check the market and decide soon if i wasted 2kk for nothing or not.
  2. Welcome to NC, Please keep looking forward to the ticket answer. (meanwhile its already 2022)
  3. @Juji so far i see a better performance but its too early to say if it will last once the greedy farm bots appear again.
  4. I will give you my honest opinion as i also play for 2 months now. Atm its a good period to start with the even you can get 105 in 1 day and then you can start trying to find a clan and a CP. Yes it is auto farming when you fix your macro you can farm without any problem (if you have the gear). And yes you need to spend $$$$ at least to some level so you can farm efficiently alone with a prestige rune that costs 15$. Once you reach that gear (different for each class) you can then say that you don't want to spend more $$ and you can survive with that perfectly fine and be in a commun
  5. And the items you need for toi talisman upgrades kappa
  6. Hit me in game name ds i am an experienced dagger 79 lvl on skelth 5 times hero and here i play aw also, i could give you some info if you want
  7. Update 54 lvl pl set with dyes currently working on weapon, still looking for cp
  8. its opening of skelth all over again
  9. As title says 52 lvl aw lf cp/clan speaking eng/slovak/greek
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