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  1. Are the CH worth it?

    And the items you need for toi talisman upgrades kappa
  2. [Giran] 52 lvl aw lf cp/clan

    Update 55 lvl still looking

    Hit me in game name ds i am an experienced dagger 79 lvl on skelth 5 times hero and here i play aw also, i could give you some info if you want
  4. [Giran] 52 lvl aw lf cp/clan

    Update 54 lvl pl set with dyes currently working on weapon, still looking for cp
  5. Level cap

    its opening of skelth all over again
  6. [Giran] 52 lvl aw lf cp/clan

    As title says 52 lvl aw lf cp/clan speaking eng/slovak/greek
  7. WTS Reinforced longbow +1

    As title says i wts Reinforced longbow +1 1.7kk(price negotiable) Pm in game Ds
  8. Boycott the L2store PLEASE.

    Cause skelth is 3 years old thats why nobody goes there
  9. if you dont wanna feel like that join TI or giran mate there are pts for everything ac farm partisan farm ft farm Ant nest farm daily AI FOM etc not our fault you choose a server thats not active, problem is you need to log in ti or giran instantly after servers up from maintenance and stay online till next reset or face the ques
  10. Best changes Keep it up in some weeks you will play with npc
  11. Pk System Information request

    Agree with all apart the 5 number its 4 once you hit 4 pks you dropping shit

    you are soooooo delusional you think p2p will solve bots problem? you must be new to l2 look at skelth p2p system got completely bleeped from rmt
  13. Stupid event or stupid random?

    For me its fine with as little as 1$ per month to get vip 1 i get more fun than last year in skelth so its a win - win situation for me for as long as it lasts