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  1. Level cap

    its opening of skelth all over again
  2. [Giran] 52 lvl aw lf cp/clan

    As title says 52 lvl aw lf cp/clan speaking eng/slovak/greek
  3. WTS Reinforced longbow +1

    As title says i wts Reinforced longbow +1 1.7kk(price negotiable) Pm in game Ds
  4. Boycott the L2store PLEASE.

    Cause skelth is 3 years old thats why nobody goes there
  5. if you dont wanna feel like that join TI or giran mate there are pts for everything ac farm partisan farm ft farm Ant nest farm daily AI FOM etc not our fault you choose a server thats not active, problem is you need to log in ti or giran instantly after servers up from maintenance and stay online till next reset or face the ques
  6. Best changes Keep it up in some weeks you will play with npc
  7. Pk System Information request

    Agree with all apart the 5 number its 4 once you hit 4 pks you dropping shit

    you are soooooo delusional you think p2p will solve bots problem? you must be new to l2 look at skelth p2p system got completely bleeped from rmt
  9. Stupid event or stupid random?

    For me its fine with as little as 1$ per month to get vip 1 i get more fun than last year in skelth so its a win - win situation for me for as long as it lasts
  10. Stupid event or stupid random?

    wait till you get event for baium orfen core aq jewels you gonna have a brain melting when someone next to you win this item and yes this happens even in P2P model so good luck here bruh!
  11. Stupid event or stupid random?

    Dont do it then wtf mate cause others do it you dont have to noone guarantees that if you log 20 boxes you gonna get an item, yes chances go higher but still. You dont wanna do it dont do it end of story. Why you cry to the forums about it? whats gonna change? nobody gives a flying bleep about it and they shouldnt anyway. X amount of ppl wanna spend their time in game to try up their chances in getting something, Y amount want to do the same but cant due to a,b,c reasons not good computer for example not enough time cause of work. GUESS WHAT LIFE IS NOT FAIR AND IT SHOULDNT BE IN A GAME JUST CAUSE YOU CRY.
  12. Wednesday 14/11 (???)

    Let em all quit who cares ! this is not a game for crybabies, c1-c2-c3-c4-c5-c6- warriors who gives a F man they never played classic never been to gran kain never seen what korea F2P truly means for them, this is gonna be a lesson to learn for many people. You dont have to use GK, yes its a feature that is practically there to ''help'' you if you wanna spend adena its same with real life you dont have to take a taxi to go to your work you can walk or get a bicycle to reach your destination, end game is just walk to your location, optimize your farming methods and regions decide where you wanna spend your time leveling and where you can sustain yourself and Helloooooo if you cant sustain it like most cant cause Stats are f up guess what stay 1-2-3 months in aden and do daily dungeon each day, run to fom do your 7kk exp keep the scrolls keep doing dungeons, delevel a bit keep doing them some more earn some items (c gear/books/dimension w/e man) and then when you rdy to step it up use all this exp and get 60+ lvl (2 months of daily fom alone = 420kk exp) you get my point? YOU DONT HAVE TO RUSH THIS FREAKING CHRONICLE CAUSE YOU ARE bleepED IF YOU DO RUSH IT GG WP EZ
  13. Bro you should not use beast ss, be happy you even have them, this was advertised as 1,5 in 1,5 you have no beast ss so deal with it.