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  1. Fellow players, What sources do you use to check different game features ? Until not long ago i used l2wiki.com, but for the past few weeks it redirects to l2central.info; only problem is that's just not as comprehensive and a lot of stuff is missing. What other websites do you use ? Where can i find details for all aspects of the game ( like for ex homunculus types, instances requirements, etc. ) Thx.
  2. Thx; thought so too, but wanted to make sure. So for a dagger, either p.skill crit dmg or p.atk crit dmg has the same impact on overall dmg, right ?
  3. I have a +12 bloody R110 dual dagg with 3 SA as follows : 1. Kain 8 - p.skill crit dmg 13% 2. Leona 9 - atk. spd 9% + p.skill crit dmg 7% 3. Exalted - p.skill crit dmg 7% Now i was wondering if it's worth changing the Leona 9 to another Kain 8 and getting p.atk crit dmg 13% I'm not sure if p.skill crit dmg and p.atk crit dmg have the same impact on overall dmg as skills always crit Is there any difference in how dmg is calculated fomr p.atk crit dmg or p.skill crit dmg ?
  4. 564k ... so low dmg I think i got several mil in some oly fights
  5. So where's the PVP ? :))) All i see is some running around while your boyfriend does some killing. And then you full buff to kill some afk ppl. Damn this game is rly dead if this is what "PVP videos" has come to. You should watch some stuff from let's say 6-7 years ago ... maybe you learn a thing or two.
  6. I can confirm the same for YUL as i have a dual-class - no more system msg.
  7. @Juji Maybe can give us more info about this Is it just a missing text or something more ?
  8. Not the case to 1-shot for now; i still need to do 2 or even 3 stabs to kill each mob. Sometimes i do 80-90% dmg with the first blow, but not that often. Checked it now and mobs do not have lethal resist, but still no system msg for half-kill.
  9. Currently I'm in alligator island and my othell ( adv ) is 107, so white mobs.
  10. Been playing othell for a long time and half-kill always worked as i remember > reduces current HP of mob by 50%. If the hp is full > goes to 50%, if the hp is 80% > goes to 40% and so on; same ass yul lethal. I've noticed in the aslt 2-3 days that there is no system msg for half kill; did anyone else notice this ? Also, to clarify, critical hit after skill means it critted the skill ?
  11. Favorite scary Riad Boss has to be Barakiel .... everyone was SCARED of missing it with all the ppl camping to kill it :))
  12. My favorite class is Treasure Hunter aka Othell Adventurer !!! Not so popular, but been playing it ever since i started L2 some 15+ years ago. Marsulici / Naia
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