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  1. Understood. So I will keep the Holy attribute! Thank you very much for your help!!
  2. Hi, guys. My toon is an Yul Ghost Sentinel with Elf in the base race. My weapon is an R110 and its element is Holy 450. My question: is there a "right" element for each class / race or does it not matter? Because I heard some people saying that the best choice for me is Wind or Water. If that's really right, can I safely change my weapon's attribute and how? Thank you all!
  3. VERY NICE! This can move the game to another level! Great job, mate.
  4. Mapheus


    Okay, but what about my Prestige pack? My Destiny pack? My rune of vitality? I had 7 DC in the last 24 hours and now I can't even connect because I'm already winning a DC in the queue, I CAN'T BEAT THE QUEUE !! I want a solution! I spent money to get benefits, but if I can't even log in or remain logged in due to your mistake, I demand a solution or compensation for my problem, it's my right! @Juji @Hime
  5. Mapheus


    Same sittuation here. 4 times in a roll at same cenario: - 40+ mins queue -> 10mins logg max -> DC 4 times!!!! @Juji @Hime where is the respect for the players? I have Prestige and Destiny, but I waiste my money!!!! 7 DC in the last 24h!
  6. Exactly. This is totally unacceptable! We spend money in the game (I have Prestige + Destiny too) and we have DCs and we have to wait hours in a ridiculous queue of 300+ because many players have more than 10 boxes logged to steal our drops, monopolize all farm locations, to fish and sell their items 24/7. The mentoring system is broken! I personally often watch entire parties that have died somewhere and come back to exactly the same place over and over again, more than 10 times in 15/20 minutes. Clearly bot software that is encouraged by this mentee system. We REALLY need a
  7. In fact the really big problem are players with 4+ boxes logged by softwares. Every place on farm zones you can found a very huge quantity of spotters (probably boxes with bot system to steal drops), on cities a lot of sellers (probably software boxies the most of them too). Last night I looked for 1 hour on entire 107+ farm zones for a spot and I didn't found one at least cause we have players with 10/20+ boxes on softwares stollen them all. Really very sad sittuation and most sadly don't see any movment of NCSoft to solve this and give us an equal oportunity for everyone who plays
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