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  1. A way to log-in (tuto)

    It actually works! Thank you buddy!
  2. Augmentation bug

    I checked it. You are right. Its +1 STR. Thank you a lot.
  3. Augmentation bug

    Is anyone else has experienced augmentation issue on NCsoft sever? I wanna share with you my case: After using High Grade Life Stone and 440 gamestones B i got this yellow item skill : Temporarily increases you head size. I would not be mad of rolling sh** augmentation if it at least work. This augmentation doesn't work in any possible scenario on my weapon (i have passed weapon this weapon to other ppl and they have experienced the same issue) So i sent ticket to support and beside of "apologies" from their side and ignorance, They also make me feel like a liar by saying :I do understand that you want to have a restoration related to this but we will be unable to do so as the investigation is underway and the scenario that you have stated is not the same as you are currently experiencing. so i ask them to check my weapon personally but they apology once again and end my ticket as a "solved" In the end they asked me also to check their official website and forum, where i am right now, and after 2 maintenance's my bugged augmentation still doesn't work. So i am asking here what kind of support is it? Last hope i have in you @Hime @Juji if you can push it somehow... my Request #23269217
  4. WTB Berserker Blade Edge 1 kk

    Is anybody spoiled this one yet?! Please tell me so i know its possible at least ...
  5. 1kk each edge Pm Jiren in game (if anybody was lucky enough to spoil this shit...)
  6. WTB Berserker Blade Edge 1 kk each. Nick Jiren in Game (only spoil)
  7. Active Destroyer LF CP 40+. Preferably melee cp. Top D wep. Play time: all night starting from 6 PM server time. Talking Island. Active on discord/TS English speaking. Long l2 expirance. Nick: Jiren