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  1. I've tried finding official information on the server locations, but to no success. Where are the Talking Island and Giran servers going to be located in the US? Are they both going to be in the same location or will one of them be in the East Coast and another in the West Coast, for example.
  2. I'm really confused... Would it be possible to get a clear answer of when the classic servers are opening? Example: "Classic servers will open at 17:30"
  3. Just bought some coins and did not receive them, but ofc the money was taken from my bank account
  4. Any idea on the exact number of NCcoins that will be needed to reach VIP 4 after having purchased the Chronicle Pack.
  5. A lot of stuff was shown on stream that won't be in the actual release. We need to wait on the full patchlog for confirmation.
  6. Although not confirmed, there's the possibility you'll be able to get VR with stews.
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