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  1. The queue is there for server stability, it is not stupid. If they just let everyone rush into the server, there would be issues with lag and then potential server destabilization which would lead to crashing. Would you rather wait in queue and have a chance to play once you are in? Or would you rather not be able to play because you got in and it was so laggy it crashed?
  2. You will have to contact support regarding the transfer. They will transfer the items but delete your old character in the process.
  3. The pin is part of account security, they aren't going to remove it.
  4. @Hime@Juji Are you guys taking a look into spoil and drop rates as well? Spoiling and mats dropping from mobs is the backbone of the L2 server economy. Without drops, how are we to be able to craft gear, how are people supposed to advanced their character? As it stands now, people are 30+ still using the Novice weapon received from the newbie quest because we cannot afford to buy a new weapon and we cannot craft a new weapon because parts, recipes, and materials do not drop. Please look into fixing this asap with the maintenance. Even with adena drop rates being fixed, that will not
  5. Is there a link or any data to suggest that this has truly been fixed?
  6. @Juji If we ask really,really nicely can we have patch notes by maintenance? Or maybe at least a class preview for a better idea of how they are going to play on classic? Please? I know a lot of my friends aren't sure what they want to play since there wasn't really an in depth discussion on them during the live stream.
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