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  1. same for me after the last update only getting dc,s
  2. server laggs as hell fix that for once ppl ar lagging like from the day you transfer to other server host
  3. my fav classe is gk/duelist/phoenix knight smj/naia
  4. but will they bring those classes to this live server or not
  5. they better put those new classes inside the servers we have now and with the story
  6. would that be smart to make a new server when the servers we have ar still bad as hell look at the small lags we all get in skill delay for healers
  7. will this be a live server or a really new server or will all the live servers merge to 1 server
  8. wth ncsoft better fix other things then this
  9. let us vote for bringing back acient adena btw you can still sell them to the npc
  10. naia EU the netherlands no vpn teleporting,farming alligator island , just running around on my horse , and when using skills so all the time alligator island,silent valley,EV,giran,gludio,the whole map and still AH is broken
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