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  1. Please fix the chaotic system failure, normally people on chaotic mode (purple / red) should be unable to relog into char selection mode untill their name becoming white/blue again, but not in this version. Now, people abuse the bug by engage to other player then they run away to reset into char selection mode while their name is purple to make it white/blue instantly. Current relogin system is disadvantaging group aoe with the train chasing them then some random people can simply stun the trainer and reset to make their name white/blue so the other P member has no choice to pvp kill
  2. admin forgot the password of the server, need to wait the reply email for i forgot my password
  3. I'm pretty happy with overall patch notes announced, and also the little clue about what's coming next. but, it's the time to let producer know whats the limit !
  4. you can laugh as much as you can, but the truth is, they did applicable to the real patch notes, like glowing armor enchantment
  5. I created the opposite vote for the update haters too, and you always welcomed to vote in the link below Click Me to Vote for the Features I don't want to be implemented
  6. Bible of Chronicle Enjoy reading, I'll try to find the complete version and update the post as what I'd found contain missing chapter
  7. That's what I'm talking about, the classic that most of the people expecting here were the incomplete version of a game. I do love the idea of having 32 different classes and no way I want to go further update from that. But at least they have to be third class so the difference between classes can be felt, rather than not so much difference between classes because they're coming from the similar beginning and not transform completely to gain their ultimate abilities. I can say for example, if you have the story of "the Hobbit" in the books, and they want to make it as a movie, you c
  8. please read the question carefully and what to do with the vote, this is the good way to communicate what people expecting
  9. so you can check all of them. This poll is to understand most of peoples perceptive of classic so game producers can take it as their reference for future updates
  10. Because of so many people expecting none of the new features to be implemented in the Classic server, this is your way to let me know whats the limit you consider the server being Classic You can vote more than one features, and select the features you do NOT want to be in the Classic server! For Vote, Click Here Thanks for voting
  11. you guys forget about how this company making money, if they only allowed to sell exp boost and nothing else, how long you think this company will have no income because of you don't accept what they could sell as their income. let say after a year they commit not to sell anything other than exp boost, then 90% of the player already maxed, so? shut server down because no one buying exp boost? it wasn't my intention to take care of company's income, but for the future of the players too will be end up quitting as the company applying too much patch including non classic to get more in
  12. so does the weapon glow, it has pride on the cost you paying
  13. I don't see the harm of being simply glowing armor animation on classic, thats the reason I want to see how people expect the classic on their perception. And we still unsure how the future patch going to be. so this vote can be reference for producer to limit the classic well, maybe not exactly the limit for this vote, but some acceptance
  14. Thanks for comment, I guess you not agree with all of those above. Noted
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