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  1. we have had a 77 pk summoner on server for about 4-5 months and pk archers even longer than that, its part of the game, stop qqing about pk and kill them or turn your bot off and hunt with friends that can jump the pker. the majority of pkers are doing 1 of 3 things. 1. clearing out bots that nc has decided to do nothing about. 2. killing enemy or enemy clan friendly characters(ever thing your getting targeted because you associate with a big clans enemy?). 3. using the red to keep a exp area that someone with macro/bot/random party is invading. suck it up buttercup, more S
  2. lol i would rather have the mp pots for exp/siege
  3. Victory Conditions The clan then owns the castle for two weeks until the start of the next Castle Siege, at which point Gludio Castle will automatically transfer back to NPC ownership. Just wondering if people missed this part. Does that mean every 2 weeks a force cannot just keep the castle and they will have to retake it? If so that is awesome.
  4. cause the chiefs and saints aren't there so its just a rerun
  5. 11,695 topics in general discussion for only a couple weeks on classic forum only 6700 something on live, and 75% of those because you screwed the pooch on classic launch, 14k people online yesterday and i will bet come thursday the numbers will start declining poste haste. all of which equals less revenue for ncsoft, why pay for crap here when you can go back to skelth with your already leveled and geared character? or live with your 103+++ characters and not have to pay for junk. A fix will have to be soon, or i garantee 50% of the br's will exit classic till something changes or forever.
  6. got to give people a reason to grind that tk for so long, it and paladin are not that great untill higher lvl content in classic
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