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  1. I don't understand your thinking !! You soloed the game yourself, ncsoft was just helping you get the players $. And now you write whatever game you want, hypocrites. I think your heads are bleeped up!
  2. It's a silly game, why bother with the looks of the characters? You're not having sex? buhaha
  3. But it is your fault that the prices are cosmic. You pretend the prices are cosmic, you spend a lot of money. Why shouldn't they take advantage of you?
  4. Hannibal Lv. 83 server - Naia nick - Nobo
  5. You pay 17 years (loser player) And now they appreciated you with the blockade on the region: D
  6. Naia the amount of players is 1500 and it is decreasing all the time.
  7. key word WHEN This is how it works and you won't do anything about it UNFORTUNATELY!
  8. As they introduced the chests it was 0.09% success Coverage they made again 0.0009% success There is power!
  9. It fits Europe It suits America We have been like this for 10 years! so the question is why change it ????
  10. Dear players The question is when will you grow up? You are stretched, you are fired all the time, and you are yours only, blah blah blah., I feel sorry for you! This is a disease and the disease must be treated: D
  11. What do you need QQ for? Buy more, they'll do you buahaha
  12. You have to understand that you spend so much that it pays off for them, so why should they introduce something new. He does not understand this, so you buy in advance that you will not win anything. IN POLAND, we call it FRAJER!
  13. This is what awaits us only there they already have info https://dev.l2central.info/main/news/789.html?lang=en
  14. I do not feel sorry, I am glad when they win nothing: D I am a hrad gamer and I don't spend any money. I'm the last L2 player who understands free to play
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