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  1. 50 euros to get items with a delection day December 15. XAAXXAXA
  2. https://www.lineage2.com/news/pandaris-expedition-event we paid real money for the blessed exalted armor and now you give it to everyone for free? I don't see a time limit on the armor, only for the event! lf clarification @Juji @Sunshine @Hime
  3. ^ title. Already October 11th and no news about halloween events, you left us here with 1.5 month of red libra and bad sayha blast chests that gives only roses and you announced a bad game called "lineage2M" instead of fix/upgrade the best game ever, Lineage 2. Where are you @Juji @Hime @Sunshine this game is boring a lot of ppl quit already and the others doing dailies and then logout. There is nothing to do in this game anymore. You are not even active in forums. We know that from all the billions you make from l2 live you made LineageW and Lineage2M but it's time to fix the
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