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  1. both confirmed to be legal here, both work, I am using wtfast atm, better interface, has Lineage 2 in selection, but more expensive
  2. From what I read on the forums, launch pack - serial, after activating serial, I have to buy 2000 nccoins (can buy now same as later) and I can spend them on anything. Then to maintain, all I have to do is spend around 1300~ nccoins a month. Please comment if any of this is wrong, Inaccurate or missing info. Thanks.
  3. best char to level solo without boxes, I'd say summoner.
  4. Devs, please make sure programs like wtfast and battleping do not interfere with L2
  5. Looking for a very active player(s) for constant parties, need archers, will be recruiting more people for clan skills for a casual style solo/stream clan. Find me on Discord and we will discuss details.
  6. I have personally tested these programs today (29/09/2018): Leatrix, battleping, wtfast, outfox. I live in UK. Here are results: Worst: Outfox - forces to reigister for free trial, does not support Lineage 2 therefore is useless. Bad: Leatrix - totally free which could justify using it, has a slight improvement on ping, but still quite unplayable for intense pvp's Good: battleping - works, pushes ping down to 109ms (tested Texas Beta server only), having weird glitches here and there, possibly due to beta server, needs more testing, cheaper option than wtfast. Playable
  7. These are just my guesses: Fastest leveling on warlocks as they can farm like mages with unlimited mana if solo Fastest duo probably Spellhowler+ee as emp can be earned by fishing when you sleep, farm without hp Fastest trio: bd+necro+spellhowler - aoe, buffs from pots are sufficient.
  8. You also, the players, can control bots, report bots when you see, train them, block them, don't buy with real money from them.
  9. From what I understand, exp boosts do not stack, ones that work simultaneously, are applied from base x1 xp.
  10. I want to be shopping in Giran, not to be cramped unable to click on a shop, expecially as we will have a server called Giran.
  11. Bumping this, please no D grade shots in npc shops, no grade only. Reee!
  12. They are commited to look into player progression for patches, that is a good sign.
  13. There will be no subclass system, oly from lvl55(disabled for now), no auto pickup, crafting like old L2, vr only for melee, books/amulets needed, the rest of your questions, not sure yet.
  14. Leatrix, battleping, wtfast, outfox, at least one of them should help. But expect higher ping than us anyway, obviously.
  15. They do not discuss bots, because banning people means less numbers in already limited population. They already showed they are against them by removing auto loop on macros. I believe banning bots will keep normal players having a better time, thus spending more time on the game.
  16. From what we know, both servers are identical and located in the same place, just different timezone
  17. I will test battleping today, if it works, I will certainly play here (I live in uk)
  18. From what I know, only important quests are moon and dailies at around 40lvl, obviously class quests if you're new. Many other quests will just slow you down on xp unless you already know the paths to complete them.
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