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  1. are the servers down?i try to log in and i get a dc
  2. hey gyes...i have all the other parts but i only found a twilight circlet clean...can someone tell me how to make it magic type? thanks you
  3. if everyone is different why do you say that greek and russians are the same?
  4. russian ? greek?same thing in lineage and why is that?what makes u better?
  5. it explains so many things!!!thanks for the clarification
  6. have you ever played the original l2? it will be at least a month before anyone reach the 70 lvl cap{if they trully go classic and dont bleep up the rates with items from the shop}
  7. i am going giran.as for the player i think i will start with a spellsinger or scavenger
  8. Man sitting behind machines representing the pinnacle of technological progress and mankind's intellect, while enjoying automation that cools and chills his favorite beverage being able to communicate with human beings across the world without delays or interruptions. No sir, this IS the good life. well all is about perception...i think i like your way of thinking.
  9. ohhh be careful...this could be a cause for divorce!
  10. well i have to thank ncsoft....i really enjoy our conversation!!!
  11. well we did ask for classic....it definately bring back memories...
  12. Its amazing how u managed to kill all the excitement!!!no ETA could mean that the servers will be up in few minites or u could make as w8 a week or more
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