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  1. you can buy spiritshots for 16a + beast ss now tell me how can i pvp with mage? ;]
  2. hahahahahahha WHAAAAAAT?! You already have event - Raid Event :]
  3. i have vip 140 in queue after 30min 64 :]
  4. mini update

    client exit fix but looooooooong queue
  5. 1 hour?! i'm trying connect since 14:00 GMT+1... now its 21:17 .....
  6. they won't remove queue "you can buy vip to avoid queue" - THEY WANT A QUEUE PROBLEM
  7. https://imgur.com/a/qbHjWsJ
  8. Raid boss event ?

    can someone send me a map with Orc and Cruma locations?
  9. @Juji check this https://maxcheaters.com/forum/39-request-server-development-help-l2off/ maybe someone help you
  10. @Juji maybe you need some help? try to call any1 dev from private server...