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  1. people are very ungrateful! x75 eruption is a nice reward. ;)
  2. @Juji please, with the stone of destiny, i need to change my class from main.
  3. lBrenna

    Returning now.

    I'm also waiting for a response from the GMs, as I'd really like the Wynns to get interesting again.
  4. Good Morning!! When will there be an update on the Wynn class? The pets have no damage in pve or pvp.
  5. lBrenna

    Returning now.

    @Juji Do you have any news about improvements to the Wynn Summoners class on the live server? Because it's a class that I like a lot, but I realized that it's much inferior to other classes in relation to pve.
  6. quando você vai prestar atenção aos invocadores Wynn ?? Acho que eles estão bem excluídos das atualizações. algumas habilidades não estão funcionando e os pets não causam muito dano com a quantidade de itens que o personagem possui, mas não se transferem para os pets.
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